The business of the month… Hair 101

Wednesday January 8,2014 I had the pleasure of going to the actual salon and getting my hair done. As some who follow my Instagram (ThatsMyJAM90) or Twitter (JodAyE_Dukes) know that I am the one who usually does my hair. I’ve often said I don’t believe in paying somebody to do something I can do myself… And that’s still true, however sometimes as a woman I want to be pampered and that’s definitely apart of being pampered…

I made an appointment with a member of Outreach 20:35 (Only the baddest glam squad/Outreach group in Flint). Her name is Tierra Bradford and she has a chair at one of Flints growing and thriving hair salons Hair 101

I got there and it was like so mellow so chill. Truth be told I’d been there before but it had been a while my old faith nail tech Tatiana Hill works there. Anyways me and Tierra talked and laughed and she Werked! (as she would say) on my hair. Dying my roots, reviving my ends color, washing, drying, and curling all of this heavy load of hair on my head! God bless her soul.. In the meantime in between time the Shops owner came in Lenisha Perry. Lenisha is a very cool very business woman. Lenisha, Tierra and I engaged in great meaningful conversation. Mainly touching the topic of business and networking. The conversation was a great one to have. It’s always amazing to see women come together and talk about something other than gossip ESPECIALLY the hair salon…

If you’re from Flint,Mi or simply visiting make an appointment or stop by Hair 101 the services they offer include:

Hair Styling
Color and Cuts
Body wraps
Make up
Pink and whites
And More!

Hair 101
1235 Center Rd, Suite 14
Burton,Mi 48509

Lenisha Perry

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