Dream date…

Hey baby lets get away let’s go somewhere far.. Baby can we?

Picture this…

The phone rings and it’s exactly the voice your ears needed to hear to cause those butterflies in your belly… “Babe get dressed I’ll be there in a hour”.. “Dressed up? Or dressed down?”… “Dressed like you..”

Though that hour doesn’t seem like much you get flyer than you do when you got all the time in the world because you’re under the instruction of the butterfly whisperer… hair whipped, outfit fly fitting just right, and that fragrance you’re wearing will cause a room of people to stop in their tracks trying to shazaam it like its music… One last mirror check feeling like Girl you be killin em

So he arrives looking like he might’ve came right off a page in GQ’s latest edition… Forehead kiss? check … Opens car door? check… At the stop light you glance over at em and he smiles at you as he admired you from the driver seat… You say “Where are we going?” …. “You’ll see”…

And scene, naw I ain’t finish the story. Nope I never said where y’all was going… But I don’t want to give anyone any ideas… That’s my 1st dream date, some type of romantic surprise.. I don’t want to know anything but I need to be fly, fierce, and smelling good…

Now it’s your turn.. Tell me what’s your dream date?

3 thoughts on “Dream date…

  1. Surprises are good. I like dates that are interactive like boating, cooking together, volunteering etc. You really get to know each other and the shared experiences bring you closer.


  2. Hmm…I like the interactive dates as well. Never been on one, but I think that would be fun to do. I like the idea of not going anywhere but staying at home in some comfortable clothes, watching movies/cartoons/tv shows and playing video games and board games and just laughing and talking. If we weren’t in Flint, I’d want a date on the beach…swimming, laying in the sun under an umbrella on towels or lawn chairs with a nice adult beverage and maybe even building sand castles.


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