The grey area…

Earlier this week I was on Facebook and I saw a status worth commenting on: IMG_4189.PNG

This strikes a true nerve with me because I take the bonds I build seriously.. It seems like these days things are so easy to cut off or do without.. And it’s partially due to people’s attachment social media or technology…

There use to be a time when calling someone was the means of communication outside of actually spending real time with someone.. However things have done the inevitable CHANGED, there is text messaging, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and a whole host of other ways to communicate… These tools are amazing for something’s but they can be detrimental to the foundation that’s built and maintained in friendships as well as relationships..

People are meeting others and becoming “friends” without barely any knowledge of who they are, what they stand for, and where it is they are truly trying to go… Bonds are based off of common factors from social media that are as frivolous as “We both dislike her” or “We Retweet each other all the time”.. And then as soon as one party is themselves in person and the other person is unfamiliar with that trait it’s “Oh I can’t with these bishes” Unfollow

People can’t even have personal conversations with one another anymore because that private moment may just become so very public all for The Love of Likes ….. Coincidently Keke Palmer placed this statement on Instagram earlier :


Undeniably the truth….

In relationships it almost as if they’ve become so meaningless and … It’s almost like everybody has brought bae to “Show and Tell”… And it’s hardly because of true love.. It’s usually for The Love Of Likes or to make another person jealous.. A lot of the times someone spots somebody else on social media thinking they like them because of what they say with 140 characters… No previous knowledge of this person and then when they aren’t who you thought they were… she’s “Crazy” or he “Ain’t shit”.. .. The worst thing about it is, these are the people procreating with one another, not really knowing each other from a can of paint… At one point people really dated, really built bonds and solid foundations based off of conversations, common knowledge, spending time together.. And those where the bonds that last be it still in a relationship or still friends after a break up…


I’m not complaining more so addressing the obvious.. Not telling you what to do, just creating a topic for conversation later..

Social media is amazing in some cases such as branding, marketing, keeping up with old friends, even some tv time… There’s nothing like Twitter on award show nights or Scandal Thursday.. It just sometimes it’s so much better to be more personal, more private, or less impersonal so to speak…


Red scarf remarks…

A few things you all should know about me.. I love Instagram, I always have an opinion, and I don’t like being seen in my red scarf.

Ok now that that’s out of the way lets talk about

Red Scarf Remarks

Red Scarf Remarks is something I started the other day because I always have an opinion I want to share at night right after I’m all ready for bed! And at that time I usually have on my red scarf that I wrap my hair with… I use to hate to be seen in that scarf for vain reasons. At this point in my life I’m not so much caring about people seeing me that way.

Red Scarf Remarks will be done every time I feel the need to share an opinion or fact or funny after bed. I’m suggesting that you all follow me on Instagram (ThatsMyJAM90) to catch those videos. I will share them to my twitter (@JodAyE_dukes) and Facebook (Jordyn jody Jo Mickens) as well.

Check out the first two post below:

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I give a F…

Every where I turn or shall I say scroll?

I see or read somebody sayin how many fucks they do not give… It’s becoming more and more popular to walk around and lose all the fucksyou once gave. For those of you who don’t understand it I’m talking about people walking around not caring about anything. Or at least claiming not to.

You can really tell too. Men gives no fucks about how they treat women even if they have daughters. And women give no fucks about who they bring around their children. There are less kids graduating, less adults being real role models… All because we have decided to purposefully lose the fucks we once gave…

It’s is time to find them fucks though people. We have got to start caring more about what we do, who we are around, and other people period. Society has taught us… No


us to be selfish and careless individuals who won’t ever take the blame for what the consequences of our behavior is.. If we don’t get a hold of ourselves generation after generation will be lost because those before them never gave a fuck

Nobody gives a fuck until it’s too late and we cashing out on “Free ____” and “R.I.P_____” tshirts and hoodies… Let’s start at least giving a fuck about what matters… This post might not change much but I had to say it because unlike most people from my Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram …

I give a fuck..