Supporting Home: AeiMarie Edition…. The model, Your muse

A few years back I met Amber at CA (A high school in Flint,Mi). She was mad cool my older cousin David Johnson was her teacher and I would always go with him to “Take your kid to work day”. Amber was cool she was nice to me from the start so she was alright with me… Her and I stayed connected by a number of things over the years and She has became this amazing picture taking BEAST! (Model) I think she could definitely rock out with the best of them…. So I felt like it was time for EVERYONE to know her name because she’s coming…

*What was your childhood dream(s)?

Um I wouldn’t necessarily call them childhood dreams….when I was a kid I just wanted to be a kid ya know…. Beating up other kids, climbing trees, playing sports, & hopping fences with my cousins is what I looked forward to lol I was a Lil rough.

As I got older though probably around middle school, i decided that I wanted to be a neonatal nurse, i loved babies, and I had this niche for medicine early….I was born premature and spent alot of time in the NICU when I was first born, the nurse that took care of me took me to work with her one day and the experience was surreal! I knew that i just had to do for other babies what had been done for me!

Well, once I got to high school my love for athleticism grew, I had always been into sports, but at that point I was really intrigued in not just participating but in all factors concerning the athlete, how it affected us physically, the injuries, the process behind every good and bad thing that happened, but what most intrigued me was the healing process….so that’s when I decided my love for both sports and medicine should probably come together….physical therapy it was and still is! ☺

*When did modeling come into play?

I want to say …… 2007 ….. That’s when I started with iV …. Shout out to my one of a kind crew 👿The Variants😈 and our founders Randall & Marcus…. But I wasn’t really doing it to “model” when I first started out, It was just something I truly enjoyed doing (taking pictures) and it just so happened that the owners of this dope company/brand/empire (none of which I use loosely) saw something in me…on some “yo…this chick is dope! Lets use her!” Type stuff….And to me, til this very day is super dope….I had no previous experience, no clue what “model etiquette” was… I was just being me…and that’s all it took…. I was born this way…I was born Variant™….and it was just the perfect match!

Just recently, in December of 2011, I believe it was, I made my debut on the runway thanks to Jeremy Cornelius (JerDeCor FMC)…..and it was like magic ! A lot of people believe that if you can walk well or are comfortable in pumps then you can do runway….and while those are two very important factors, it requires SO much more!!!

*How do you feel when you are on the runway?

Being on the runway is…….. Whew! It’s literally breath taking! Words cannot describe the experience…’s like magic! Backstage is complete chaos, but as soon as u hit that runway it’s like nothing else matters, you enter into an entirely different realm, you don’t see the people, you almost don’t hear the music, all you see is the flashing lights, it all happens so naturally…I get chills just thinking abt it….

*is it the same or different feeling when you are at a shoot?

Shoots have a completely different feel….depending on what I’m shooting, where I’m shooting, who I’m shooting with, the outcome/vibe varies…. Shoots are a lot more personal than shows, you really have to tap into ALL of your emotions at once and be able to display them ALL… In a shoot you feel…. I feel…a lot more vulnerable …. But never to the point that I feel like I’m uncomfortable. I mentioned earlier that when I started out ” I was just being me” and that I had “no clue what “model etiquette” was”, and though I am very much so still myself at all times in front of the camera, with a love and a passion for such a craft…the desire to learn more, to grow, and to improve by the second burns so fiercely in me, that I had no choice but to mature myself in the model that God has placed in me….so the me that I was, in a photo from 2007…is not the me you see In a photo from 2013…..from Amber … AeiMarie….

*Sassy Sauce, tell us about Sassy Sauce. Who/What is sassy sauce?

Sassy sauce is a piece of my personality that I named….the fun, sassy, sexy, cute, quirky side that everybody loves….sassy sauce is me ☺

*Would you say modeling is the career you want? Do you see yourself branching off into another part of entertainment?

Yes, modeling is ONE OF the careers I want…..that is what I’m working towards….anyone who knows me knows I’m a multifaceted ambitious woman…so ALL of my dreams will come true….

Hmmm…..I can’t really say right now, I guess we’ll see 😏😉

*You signed with an agency? Is that correct? What was the feeling when that went down?

No. I’m not signed with an agency. If your reference is to “The Mega Models” shout out to my loves ❤ We are a group of young women with a gift… In the process of making our marks, together and separately as Models…and I don’t use that term loosely.

*Who’s your inspiration?

My inspiration is my little cousin ….Imani…. That little girl is SO smart, sweet, tenderhearted, caring, humble, and witty but is as sweet as pie and as cute as a button. She embodies the person I strive to be daily on so many levels! And to know that she’s looking at me pushes me beyond limits that words can’t express, and to see her imitate me, or wanna hang out with me, or ask me for help with her homework, it makes me want to go and make sure I do everything i set out to do, to the best of my abilities, just so she knows she can surpass that!

*What was the funniest experience with doing shows and shoots?

Ha!!! That’s funny. ALL of my shoots are funny lol just ask my assistant/stylist Milan or any of the variants that have ever sat in on a shoot lol! There’s never a dull moment! I am the most dingy person in the world lmbo no really tho. But I would have to say, when i was featured in Walk 5 fashion show, I was in abt 9 different scenes, and I kid u not from the time I stepped off the runway to the time I got back to where the models were dressing I was stripped, accessorized, relotioned, and redressed, with my shoes in hand on my way back to the runway, well I forgot to put my shoes on and almost walked out onto the runway barefoot, shoes in hand lolol I couldn’t believe it!

*Whats next for King Amber?

……..To be continued 😚✨👠💋

The Model, Your Muse