Juice parody HILARITY

Man instagram is one of my favorite places… And I found the link to this parody on someone’s Instagram!

Now if you’ve seen the movie Juice staring Tupac and you have instagram, this will make you laugh…

Check it out:

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Kevin and Mike reconcile…

Just seconds ago literally I was on twitter just scrolling through my timeline and I seen some tweets that made my night!

A few days ago it was reported that comedian Mike Epps called my favorite current comedian Kevin Hart


It hurt my feelings a bit because I hate when black people beef instead of uplift each other. Especially two very successful men who can learn from one another and help each other…

So seeing this made my night :)


He gave me a few good laughs….

I was chillin one day scrolling through my Instagram timeline. This wasn’t a normal day, it was one of them days I desperately needed a laugh. As we all know from time to time the events of life can bring you down. I landed myself on a post of this guy doing an Improv skit of his own about church women and how they can sometimes act. It was funny and pretty accurate…

After that I started to see him posting more improv skits of his. And I went to his profile and made the decision to share a few of his favorite ones with everyone…

He gave me a few good laughs

Check out some of his Instagram improv skits below:

How “church folks be”:

“Run up get done up”:

How “b*tches gossip”:

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We did it in the car… With TreeWhopper…

Tree Whopper is somebody in which Symphani and I have known for years… And he’s been making us laugh for awhile. He was one of the guys who would always play a major part in blazin (cracking jokes) when around a group of friends. We had the opportunity to spend sometime with him last week. There was not a moment that was too serious this day, we laughed more than we were able to think LOL seriously tho..

Symphani got a chance to ask him questions and find out where his inspiration comes from, how he got started, and what he has going in currently

We did it in the car…. With TreeWhopper

Check out our interview….

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YouTube: http://YouTube.com/doobietree18
Twitter: @TreeWhopper
Instagram: TreeWhopper