From Hot97 to Power105.1

Last week the bomb was publicly dropped that The Voice of New York Angela Martinez was making a Power Move in her career. After years of devotion and loyalty to Hot97 she is taking her talents to Power 105.1 Breakfast Club.

This news had me so excited because since I was younger I’ve followed her radio career and thought she was dope. Her style wasn’t messy or never meant to inflict shame upon an artist name but to allow them to share their story with her and the network that follows her. I can identify with that because unlike most blog sites I try to stay away from the gossip and negativity of things and stick to uplifting and sharing great stories. This common factor is the thing in which made me LOVE who Angela Martinez is over the years.

Tuesday June 24th, 2014 I made sure I was woke and ready to listen to her interview with my other favorite people in radio Charlamagne The God, Angela Yee, and DJ Envy. That’s where I learned that Angela Martinez had an unreleased interview she did with my favorite rapper and very first celebrity crush Tupac. She speaks on how she was really uneasy with doing that interview due the thick of the beef amongst him and another great Biggie. With her being from New York and PAC residing in L.A she explains how things got a little sticky with that interview. Angela explains that her loyalty never wavered to Hot97, however the move was all about the opportunities that come with working at Power 105.1 and how it was an amazing offer with growth for her brand …

I am very excited that she made the move. The Breakfast Club is one of the best radio shows next to Tom Joyner morning show. And not to mention it’s the one I prefer to listen to everyday…

Congrats Angela Martinez!

Check out her full interview with The Breakfast Club here:




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