ThatsMyJAM90/FlavorMeDope Sweetest Day contest winners…

Yesterday we took our talents downtown Flint to meet up with half of the winning couple…Bae had to work, we understand..

Symphani, Stanay, and I met up with Tamia and her son Mase to give her the winning prize! Six pack of Cookies and Cream cupcakes made with all kinds of love! She was definitely excited for the sweet treats for her and Thomas to share (Maybe) today…

The other judges and myself decided to pick Tamia mainly because she has to deal with Thomas and she loves to do so! Tamia submission wasn’t your classic “I saw him at the bar and I knew right then and there he was bae” entry… Her submission touched briefly on her toxic previous relationship and said how Thomas decided that he gave no fucksabout the guards she’d put up he kept on tryin her until….. well he got her!…

We got the chance to meet their famous son “Mase Dawg” a.k.a Blue Ivy Little Brother … He was seemingly turned down which is unusual, we usually see him in rare form on social media! Mase has just as much personality as his mother and father!

Happy Sweetest Day to our winning couple! Tamia and Thomas!

Check out a snippet of her submission:

I never would have thought I could love again after being in a toxic relationship. The saying is Never say never right? I finally broke free from that relationship and that’s when my guards were at attention 24/7 typical scorned female right, anywho Thomas said fuck them guards and continuously flirted with me via fb. I eventually gave in and let my guards down.

Look at the personality shine through in the photo she sent in, gotta love it!


810 TRAP 2 Trailer…

This movie gives a look at the Most Dangerous City in North America .. FLINT, Michigan area code (810). This is part 2 of a 3 part series. In the first installment we showed you the mentality of the people who help make Flint,Mi this crime infested region. Now in Part 2 we show the first step into changing this cycle of crime and violence!!!

Movie: 810 TRAP 2
Directed by: Algemon Winfrey & Carlos Conner
Fall release date to be determined

Check out this video on YouTube:

Blazing Deception Review

imageGrowing up and meeting different people is what life is all about. As a young girl I met a lot of people who I have had the privilege of staying in touch with via social media…

For this particular post the person I stayed in touch with is

Dequindra Renea

Also known as BooBoo!. We became acquainted back in highschool through my cousin Ashley. BooBoo! and Ashley were really good friends. We became even more connected after we found out we were both apart of our churches praise dance ministries. BooBoo! was always very warm, sweet,and extremely positive. She had the ability to change your bad mood to a good one with her wit, charm, and funny jokes.

BooBoo! had a passion for writing that I had no idea about back then. As of lately she wrote an amazing book called

Blazing Deception

And YAS honey it’s as hot as the title makes it sound! Just like BooBoo! this book has the ability to shift your mood. The characters will draw you in to hate, love and admire them!

Kari: The Wife

Will make you fall in love with her sweet submissive ways!

Marvin:The Husband

Will make you hate his strictly business ways!

Jonathon:The Friend

Will make you wish you had a man love you the way he loves!

Kevin:The Brother

Will have you admire his pride he takes in loving and protecting!

Stay tuned for my sit down interview with the author as we discuss the book in more detail! You can get you copy of

Blazing Deception


Interviews available…

I use this website to uplift and support others… One way I’ve done that is by supporting their dream and giving them an avenue to be heard. Interviews….. Written, recorded and video taped for others to read, listen to and watch… Falling more and more in love with the great people from our city and the fact that we have way more thn crime and high death rate to offer. We have people here with talent. People who want to inspire. People who are living their dream even here.

When we began recording the interviews I pulled in a good friend of mine Symphani ( to conduct the interviews. She simply amazing and her burning passion for Hip Hop as well as people with dreams and ambition is the cherry on top!

Her and I have been working on a great way to keep inspiring and keep placing the great people of our city!

If you or anyone you know is doing any of those thing send them my way. I can be contacted at, simply place Interview Request in the subject line…

Below are links to a few interviews done here at



Cash Cola


Jordyn Anese💜

Ciara from Outreach 20:35


Westside Society

Big Baby

ThouWow (1000bars) Stay Strong … Music Video

Flint, Michigan artist 1000bars releases a new video from his new highly anticipated project “Signed Myself”, which is due out this summer. I had the absolute pleasure of viewing this video and of course listen to this song yesterday. If you know me you know this next statement to be true, I think that Wiz Khalifa is dope because his music gives me an unexplainable amount of chill. Well this song gives me that same feeling while delivering great content and dope lyrics ThouWow amazed me with this track. I’m more thn excited to share this with you all, and even more ecstatic that we are from the same home town….

Stay Strong (produced by Keyz)
Family Over Riches

video Directed by Justin Hopgood

Follow his career by clicking the links below:

March 22nd changed my life… #HashTagLunchBag

This past Saturday something very necessary was introduced to Flint, Mi … #HashTagLunchBagFlint … I was asked to share the flyer for it sometime ago and then I was just doing what I always do, support and post the flyer.

March 22nd rolled around and I made the decision to gather my life and go to Flint Local 432 to help assemble the lunches and distribute to homeless. I wasn’t too sure how it was suppose to work. I’d done no prior research on the event. Once I walked in I saw an assembly line making up the lunch bags. In that line I saw a few familiar faces and jumped in… After assembling bags,six people volunteered their cars to go to different areas of the city of Flint to giving the homeless and less fortunate.We all road around making some people’s day, and filling others tummies. Once we did all we could for the people we saw on the street we stopped off at Carriage Town Ministries and The Warming center to give them the abundance of lunches we had left…

This day was something like I’d never done before. It felt so good to give back to our community doing such meaningful and purposeful work. That’s a feeling I want to feel again. In one day it’s became addictive to give back… Be on the look out for more to come from #HashTagLunchBagFlint . Head to to their Instagram page to checkout some photos from the day @HashTagLunchBagFlint , Like the Facebook page HashTagLunchBagFlint …

Also checkout the website

Footage captured from the day:

Here’s a photo of some of us at the end of the day celebrating and discussing things to come for #HashTagLunchBagFlint :


Where are all the female artist?..

Well I’m from Flint,Mi born and raised here… And we have ALOT of talent here. Working hard and pushing their purposes be it music, art, clothing, cosmetology! They werking!

I seem to see a lot of male artist and such but only one female artist sticks out here and that’s none other than Tiera Santoya.. I went to high school with her and I never knew she wanted to do music until after we graduated and she worked on a song with my homeboy Link a former rap artist. Since then she has grown as both a woman and a artist. Recently putting out a great single that shows said growth “Murda She Wrote” and performing at varies places around Michigan! Tiera Santoya is going to the best female artist in Flint, Mi. At this point work ethic wise she has no competition and if she does lyrically we haven’t seen them..

I personally am proud of Tiera for doing her thing and making things happen. Check out the single “Murda She wrote”

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