Promotion and Advertisement opportunity…

There’s an abundance of people starting businesses and organizations… And then there is an abundance of people who need these organizations and businesses… The problem is that they don’t know each other and for some reason haven’t been able to connect with everyone..

ThatsMyJAM90 is looking to give businesses and organizations alike an opportunity to connect with those people and many others… At this point we will be doing advertisements of your business, organization and or events for $50 for three months with not only advertisement here at

but Instagram as well as Facebook and twitter.. (Price will vary for events such as parties or sports events etc)

For all questions and concerns please contact myself (Jordyn) at or (810)643-1795. Please place Advertisement/Promotion Inquiry in the subject line..


Interviews available…

I use this website to uplift and support others… One way I’ve done that is by supporting their dream and giving them an avenue to be heard. Interviews….. Written, recorded and video taped for others to read, listen to and watch… Falling more and more in love with the great people from our city and the fact that we have way more thn crime and high death rate to offer. We have people here with talent. People who want to inspire. People who are living their dream even here.

When we began recording the interviews I pulled in a good friend of mine Symphani ( to conduct the interviews. She simply amazing and her burning passion for Hip Hop as well as people with dreams and ambition is the cherry on top!

Her and I have been working on a great way to keep inspiring and keep placing the great people of our city!

If you or anyone you know is doing any of those thing send them my way. I can be contacted at, simply place Interview Request in the subject line…

Below are links to a few interviews done here at



Cash Cola


Jordyn Anese๐Ÿ’œ

Ciara from Outreach 20:35


Westside Society

Big Baby

ThouWow (1000bars) Stay Strong … Music Video

Flint, Michigan artist 1000bars releases a new video from his new highly anticipated project “Signed Myself”, which is due out this summer. I had the absolute pleasure of viewing this video and of course listen to this song yesterday. If you know me you know this next statement to be true, I think that Wiz Khalifa is dope because his music gives me an unexplainable amount of chill. Well this song gives me that same feeling while delivering great content and dope lyrics ThouWow amazed me with this track. I’m more thn excited to share this with you all, and even more ecstatic that we are from the same home town….

Stay Strong (produced by Keyz)
Family Over Riches

video Directed by Justin Hopgood

Follow his career by clicking the links below:

From internet to reality…

I’ve dedicated all my free time and some of my not so free time to supporting others by way of giving them a place to come share their talents and purposes. With an interview or review… I have offered advertisement opportunities so on and so forth. I don’t do these things because I want people to like me, I do these things because I LOVE talented purpose driven people and I think it’s important for everyone to know about what it is they love… I’m a supporter by nature… At this point in my life, I want to make this website more 3D… I’ve been planning, praying and working hard on a few events to help the people who I have done interviews with and even some I have not be exposed to the city of Flint and surrounding areas.. But I need your help!

Click this link for more details!

Where are all the female artist?..

Well I’m from Flint,Mi born and raised here… And we have ALOT of talent here. Working hard and pushing their purposes be it music, art, clothing, cosmetology! They werking!

I seem to see a lot of male artist and such but only one female artist sticks out here and that’s none other than Tiera Santoya.. I went to high school with her and I never knew she wanted to do music until after we graduated and she worked on a song with my homeboy Link a former rap artist. Since then she has grown as both a woman and a artist. Recently putting out a great single that shows said growth “Murda She Wrote” and performing at varies places around Michigan! Tiera Santoya is going to the best female artist in Flint, Mi. At this point work ethic wise she has no competition and if she does lyrically we haven’t seen them..

I personally am proud of Tiera for doing her thing and making things happen. Check out the single “Murda She wrote”

Tell us what you think! Support the grind

Every blue moon dot com… Wale

So a few days ago (Maybe more thn that) I seen Wale one of my favorite rap artist post an Instagram post about his blog Every Blue Moon and I said I’d wait to see what he got up… Ya know what he on. Tonight I decided to go look I’m mean I’m fresh off the site right now. And he wrote a message and it starts with a question

Where have I been?

He goes on to explain some things about himself and the purpose of him making the blog. As I read it I fell more and more in love with his artistry. This dude has the It factor to me.. When it comes to an artist that is.. I love people who take pride in being themselves no matter what. And I just love his music because I know there’s a message behind it all…

In other news check Wales message from his new site


Oh yea and I’m absolutely the girl waiting on ambitious girl 3 and the one who gets dressed to “Illest bitch alive” erry morning faithfully… Judge me so…

Music with a message…

It’s dope getting music to my inbox from my people that stay in my hometown Flint, Mi… But when someone who is in a different state drops me some music it’s different.. It’s like

How you know me?

It’s a sure sign of my network growing! God is amazing!
Now that I’ve said that I have some tunes here from a good person I got to politic with a few weeks back from Tennessee… His names Just James (James English) and he has a clothing line From Greek to Urban we can get into that later… check out this track he sent me, the message in the song’s powerful:

Also check out the clothing line!

Twoz- rebellion

So this song came along in my email a few days ago and it got my attention… To me it’s speaks to those who rebel against what people limit them to being able to do and make what they dream of happen. Anybody who knows me know I’m all about living your dream and living it like it’s the only option.. Not only that but it has a hood feel to it that I usually get from listening to a Rick Ross track… Check it out, let me know what you all think…

Follow the artist on twitter : @Twozmot

Young and Passionate…

Go with me here

I’m sitting at my desk at work making calls and such as I usually do. Chugging down smart water… It’s a regular day in the life of Jordyn The PCC at Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy.. Then all of a sudden my phone began to vibrate and my first thought is

Who is this? My ppl know I’m here til at least 5:15pm on a good day!

I step away from my desk and notice that this is a title-less number She don’t like answering title-less numbers ok? … This time I answer. As soon as I do there’s a young man on my line asked if I’m Jody. Once I say yes and before I could ask he tells me who he is ,what he does, and how I need to give him an interview because (He said and I quote)

What’s hot out in these streets

This kid was passionate!! I mean yo I barely got a word in… Once he finally stop talking and telling me how I need to get him interviewed, I got to talk! FINALLY!

I told him to send me his music and what he was looking to do via email. And when I say after we hung up he sent it within that next 15 to 30 minutes … I kid you NOT!..

We didn’t set up something right away I found him on Instagram and watched how he worked and seen what his demographic was. After I figured all that out it was no more time to wait so I hit up Symphani from and we made this happen, the interview had to take place…. Here it is! Check out the interview with Big Baby below:

New freestyle From FLINTS OWN 1000

NEW 1000 aka THOUWOW Freestyle “CAKE” .. 1000 has come out the gates in 2014 with more classic songs & videos. Lets hope & pray 2014 to be great,1000′s work ethic guarantees his success.


Artist: 1000
Video: “CAKE” freestyle by Drake
Twitter & Instagram: @iamthousand
YouTube channel: thereal1000bars
Contact: Carlos Conner

(Facebook like page link: