Sex sells… But it doesn’t have one project go platinum multiple times…

As of this Thursday I began to see this photo of a Nicki Minaj. Its her album cover apparently.. And directly after I began to see spoofs put out mimicking the photo…


And then I seen one that stuck out like a sore thumb compared to the others


I don’t know how anyone could see these two artist as comparable on any level… Let see here:

Lauryn Hill made music for black queens. She spoke to people’s souls. Lauryn was undeniably talented . The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill went platinum more times then you can count on one hand.. One album went platinum multiple times..

Nicki Minaj is a woman with a little lyrical content, with sex appeal and a body that will sell an atheist some religion.. Not one project of hers is considered timeless but it’s well with in its time. It’s does enough to keep her on and some of it is worth a listen on a regular day but most of it is used for the club scene..

With all that being said


There’s not ever a reason to put those two in the same category, Nicki Minaj ain’t tryna educate nobody. And if she is not in the same light as Lauryn Hill. She is trying to sell an album Period. Though she could do it dressed more conservatively, she took the provocative route. Sex does sell. And men across the world will purchase the hard copy to do impure things with the cover.. It’s all a marketing scheme.. Unfortunately artist now aren’t into the long term or longevity of timeless talent filled projects. They tryna get a first week sell record at all cost even if it means compromising the morals that they may or may not have and calling it art.. At the end of the day I say let the woman be great in her very own way… And keep the legendary work of Lauryn Hills music and talent out of it. It’s nothing to be Deep about here people… All surface work shawty

Tupac Shakur

When I was young I read a lot, wrote poetry… I would’ve been a totally different person had I not been expose to these things… I’m not saying I’m going to change the world, but I guarantee that I will spark the brain that will change the world..- Tupac Shakur

These are sound bites that one of my favorite rappers Wale used on 11-1-11 Theory. Taken from different interviews from a great rapper Tupac Shakur.. Growing up we I lived in a house divided, my older brother was for Michigan and I was For Michigan State. And when it came to music he made his choice Biggie and I made mine Tupac Shakur.

Here’s my disclaimer though Biggie was a great artist as well however I liked Tupac. I was extremely young I mean like 6 years old when he died. I followed his work though, from the music to the movies. To this day I can’t watch Juice without Bishop giving me chills… This part specifically is one of my favorite:

Poetic Justice weaseled it’s way into being one of my all time favorite movies to watch. Tupac a part as Lucky was phenomenal.

Once I graduated from Flint Southwestern Academy back in 2008 I paid small homage to Tupac legacy. With his hit I get Around being on of my favorite songs, when my name was called and it was my turn to grace the stage with my presence for my diploma I did the dance he did in the video ( lmbo)
Music video here:

This man was a genius. He educated himself well on all issues and things that arise in our day to day lives that we ignore. His legacy will forever live on even though he’s went on. Every since I saw the Breakfast Club interview from June 24th 2014 with Angela Martinez and she spoken unreleased interview she has with him I’ve been listen to his interviews and music heavily. I even stumbled across this on Keke Palmers Instagram how Tupac felt about being a role model :

Here are a few interviews I’ve listened to:

Part one:

Part two:


Red scarf remarks…

A few things you all should know about me.. I love Instagram, I always have an opinion, and I don’t like being seen in my red scarf.

Ok now that that’s out of the way lets talk about

Red Scarf Remarks

Red Scarf Remarks is something I started the other day because I always have an opinion I want to share at night right after I’m all ready for bed! And at that time I usually have on my red scarf that I wrap my hair with… I use to hate to be seen in that scarf for vain reasons. At this point in my life I’m not so much caring about people seeing me that way.

Red Scarf Remarks will be done every time I feel the need to share an opinion or fact or funny after bed. I’m suggesting that you all follow me on Instagram (ThatsMyJAM90) to catch those videos. I will share them to my twitter (@JodAyE_dukes) and Facebook (Jordyn jody Jo Mickens) as well.

Check out the first two post below:

If you have any topic you’d like to see what I think of on Red Scarf Remarks email me at 💋


At the end of last year,

December 8th 2013

I posted an interview with a great music artist from the city of Flint. His name is Cash Cola. We covered some good ground in that interview and became friends afterwards. I’ve kept up with his career musically and business wise. I ask him questions about his methods every once in awhile. I’ve grown to respect him and what he does…

As of lately I’ve seen his name on twitter was changed to Colacanesis which I thought was quite interesting . I asked him about it he explained to me that it holds the same meaning of Telekinesis (the supposed ability to move objects at a distance by mental power or other nonphysical means.), but with his music and in his way… At the time of my inquiry I didn’t know that


was going to be a free viral mixtape. I decided that I wanted to speak with him in regards to this mixtape because not only am I a friend but I’m a fan of his music.

In speaking to Cash Cola I found out that this project is a free viral mixtape and not an album because his network of people have not really heard him on his own in 5 years. So he wants to be able to give the fans something free to show how much he’s grown as a rap artist. There will be 14 tracks on this mixtape with the hopes of possibly 2 more. Looking forward to hearing the collaborations with his team Wrist Game Ent, Ms.Tiera Santoya, and also Vontay Gray…. Cash Cola is looking to drop Colacanesis June 2014 ….

LOOK out for more information and a specific date by following his social media:
Twitter: @CASH_COLA
Instagram: Cash_cola
Facebook: Cash Cola

Checkout one of my favorite songs by Cash Cola Target Practice:

Take a moment to listen to the previous interview done with Cash Cola, Symphani from , and myself:


TBC… Boosie

So for quite sometime I have NOT been a Boosie fan… A few of his songs go hard in the club when you out with ya friends on a turn up mission… But other thn that I wasn’t down to get no albums or mixtapes. I just felt as though his music wasn’t not the correct move…

He was locked up for sometime.. And people would tweet #FreeBoosie frequently. There was a whole #FreeBoosie campaign on social media… And I along with a few others had a campaign of our own

Keep Booise

May seem a little harsh but it I was just super straight on him getting out and me having to listen to new music…

Today I watched his interview on Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club as I do everyone else’s. And I still can not say that I’m a fan musically but I definitely respect his mental his change of heart toward his old ways and crew that may have had something to do with his misbehavior… I think that’s admirable and I think that this interview is very important for every up and coming rap artist that admired Boosie to watch and see… Hopefully it can change some of their minds on some of the things

Interview link here:

Promotion and Advertisement opportunity…

There’s an abundance of people starting businesses and organizations… And then there is an abundance of people who need these organizations and businesses… The problem is that they don’t know each other and for some reason haven’t been able to connect with everyone..

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Interviews available…

I use this website to uplift and support others… One way I’ve done that is by supporting their dream and giving them an avenue to be heard. Interviews….. Written, recorded and video taped for others to read, listen to and watch… Falling more and more in love with the great people from our city and the fact that we have way more thn crime and high death rate to offer. We have people here with talent. People who want to inspire. People who are living their dream even here.

When we began recording the interviews I pulled in a good friend of mine Symphani ( to conduct the interviews. She simply amazing and her burning passion for Hip Hop as well as people with dreams and ambition is the cherry on top!

Her and I have been working on a great way to keep inspiring and keep placing the great people of our city!

If you or anyone you know is doing any of those thing send them my way. I can be contacted at, simply place Interview Request in the subject line…

Below are links to a few interviews done here at



Cash Cola


Jordyn Anese💜

Ciara from Outreach 20:35


Westside Society

Big Baby