Flint God…

Owww some more music to add to my playlist … This time from a flint rap artist Finesse .. This track is called Flint God

One of my friends texted me and said

That Finesse dude got something with the Flint God track

And I think they may be right..

Check it out here:

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Let’s Talk about Cliff Huxtable

… As of lately we have all heard the allegations brought up against the man formerly known as Cliff Huxtable… Mr. Bill Cosby

He has been accused of raping a few different women decades ago, and now they are coming forth.


A few have formed the question, Why now?
Well ladies and gentlemen rape victims are made to feel like it was their fault or usually in some cases bribed along with it. Soon as one victim speaks up they will feel as though they have support and confess as well.. It’s what we’d call a snow ball effect..


A few don’t believe the women…
Well I don’t think anyone wants to be raped and talk about publicly just for the hell of it… Now to actually be raped have support or someone with the same story and bond together to reveal the person who has wronged you, I believe that..

Personally, I didn’t want to believe it either I mean it is Cliff Huxtable.. But it doesn’t matter if I don’t believe or do. If he did in fact rape those women, Shame on him. The right thing to do is for those women if they haven’t already they need to seek help. And Bill Cosby needs to do the same.

As a reminder to the pissed off Christian community the bible says that He who is without sin cast the first stone… So chill the fuck out, I’m sure you too have done something despicable in your life time and of you haven’t keep on living..

Bill Cosby is old and I don’t think anything besides help, psychological help is appropriate.. At the rate that these confessions are going and the pulling of the Cosby Show on each station, this might kill him before help can even be sought..

That’s all I have for now ✌️

The waiting room music to Music Heaven.. David Aaron

Last night I was granted the special opportunity to get an exclusive listen to a Local Artists music… And when I say I was amazed at how dope it is.. I was like

Thank you Music Gawds!

Formerly known as “Justin Daye”, Flint native has decided to release music under his actual name David Aaron. This song “No Good” is just something David wanted to release to share with the people who’s been anticipating his new material. Over the summer, he’s been taking his time to expand his musical abilities sonically and conceptually. David is still working on his solo LP.

Give him a listen!

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Twitter: @_davidaaron_
IG: @davidaarontaylor

The grey area…

Earlier this week I was on Facebook and I saw a status worth commenting on: IMG_4189.PNG

This strikes a true nerve with me because I take the bonds I build seriously.. It seems like these days things are so easy to cut off or do without.. And it’s partially due to people’s attachment social media or technology…

There use to be a time when calling someone was the means of communication outside of actually spending real time with someone.. However things have done the inevitable CHANGED, there is text messaging, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and a whole host of other ways to communicate… These tools are amazing for something’s but they can be detrimental to the foundation that’s built and maintained in friendships as well as relationships..

People are meeting others and becoming “friends” without barely any knowledge of who they are, what they stand for, and where it is they are truly trying to go… Bonds are based off of common factors from social media that are as frivolous as “We both dislike her” or “We Retweet each other all the time”.. And then as soon as one party is themselves in person and the other person is unfamiliar with that trait it’s “Oh I can’t with these bishes” Unfollow

People can’t even have personal conversations with one another anymore because that private moment may just become so very public all for The Love of Likes ….. Coincidently Keke Palmer placed this statement on Instagram earlier :


Undeniably the truth….

In relationships it almost as if they’ve become so meaningless and … It’s almost like everybody has brought bae to “Show and Tell”… And it’s hardly because of true love.. It’s usually for The Love Of Likes or to make another person jealous.. A lot of the times someone spots somebody else on social media thinking they like them because of what they say with 140 characters… No previous knowledge of this person and then when they aren’t who you thought they were… she’s “Crazy” or he “Ain’t shit”.. .. The worst thing about it is, these are the people procreating with one another, not really knowing each other from a can of paint… At one point people really dated, really built bonds and solid foundations based off of conversations, common knowledge, spending time together.. And those where the bonds that last be it still in a relationship or still friends after a break up…


I’m not complaining more so addressing the obvious.. Not telling you what to do, just creating a topic for conversation later..

Social media is amazing in some cases such as branding, marketing, keeping up with old friends, even some tv time… There’s nothing like Twitter on award show nights or Scandal Thursday.. It just sometimes it’s so much better to be more personal, more private, or less impersonal so to speak…


ThatsMyJAM90/FlavorMeDope Sweetest Day contest winners…

Yesterday we took our talents downtown Flint to meet up with half of the winning couple…Bae had to work, we understand..

Symphani, Stanay, and I met up with Tamia and her son Mase to give her the winning prize! Six pack of Cookies and Cream cupcakes made with all kinds of love! She was definitely excited for the sweet treats for her and Thomas to share (Maybe) today…

The other judges and myself decided to pick Tamia mainly because she has to deal with Thomas and she loves to do so! Tamia submission wasn’t your classic “I saw him at the bar and I knew right then and there he was bae” entry… Her submission touched briefly on her toxic previous relationship and said how Thomas decided that he gave no fucksabout the guards she’d put up he kept on tryin her until….. well he got her!…

We got the chance to meet their famous son “Mase Dawg” a.k.a Blue Ivy Little Brother … He was seemingly turned down which is unusual, we usually see him in rare form on social media! Mase has just as much personality as his mother and father!

Happy Sweetest Day to our winning couple! Tamia and Thomas!

Check out a snippet of her submission:

I never would have thought I could love again after being in a toxic relationship. The saying is Never say never right? I finally broke free from that relationship and that’s when my guards were at attention 24/7 typical scorned female right, anywho Thomas said fuck them guards and continuously flirted with me via fb. I eventually gave in and let my guards down.

Look at the personality shine through in the photo she sent in, gotta love it!


Kim Harrison (UPDATED)

Often I am asked to do things for people in the name of their dream. And sometimes I oblige, most time I oblige. But just recently I sat down and spoke with a woman in which I’ve known for quite sometime. Mrs. Kim Harrison, she asked for my help just as anyone else with a dream or a goal. However her dream and goal is a tad different …

Mrs. Kim Harrison is a 44 year old woman born and raised in Flint, Mi… She is married to Steve Harrison and together they have to children, Stephan and Shaquita…. Stephan (the oldest son) is serving our country as an active member of the U.S. Navy, while Shaquita (The younger daughter) is a student at U of M Flint. Kim had to Retire early from General Motors due to her Illness, she is currently battling Polycystic Kidney and Liver disease.

Due to the complications related to her condition her husband has had to cut back on hours at work resulting in lost wages. As a result of her treatment she has had both of her kidneys removed and must have dialysis daily in order to survive. Her diagnosis requires that she have a double transplant (Kidney&Liver) which makes her condition very serious and means her donor must have passed away.

There’s a lot of travel involved in her situation due to the way the donor recipient system works. Kim May in fact have to travel to one of the several states where she is registered to receive a transplant at a moments notice. As a result she must have the necessary funds available to cover the travel expenses she incurs. These expense include but aren’t limited to : Lodging, Meals, airline tickets etc…

Any financial donation you can make, no matter how small. Is greatly appreciated by Kim and her family.

Please register as an Organ Donor with the Secretary of State and encourage your friends and family to do so also, there’s a GREAT need for Organs in the state of Michigan as well as across the country. Those who receive (the gift of life) these organs greatly appreciate your kind acts!

In the bible the book of John 15:13 NIV says….
[13] Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.
The same can be said of those who donate organs….

Please send any monetary donations to:

Mrs. Kim Harrison
P.O. Box 320935
Flint, Mi 48532


check out her giveforward page here: https://www.giveforward.com/fundraiser/js56/organ-donation

Also stay tuned for more ways to contribute to this worthy cause.
If you or anyone you know is having an event where donations can be collected please contact myself at ThatsMyJAM90@gmail.com or call me at 810.643.1795 …


Sharing a bit much…

Last week I posed the question to my social media:

Why is it that men will make they girl sound like a tough pill to swallow on social media? But when they do something sweet it’s hardly ever mentioned?

For example a common man tweet will be like “My girl stay tryna argue”… Or “Maaannn this brat shit is for the birds”… But never will you see anything about the big Sunday dinner, or the dope as birthday surprise… I follow a lot of men on social media and I don’t really see much about their women but the women I see (even myself from time to time) “Loving bae” or “He’s perfect”…. The flip side to that is women post about the good and bad and look mad unstable too

Anyways I posed that question on social media and I got these responses:



While everyone is entitled to their own opinions I wasn’t moved by those responses. So I asked a few friends

One of them said:

Because y’all suppose to do sweet shit

In which yea no whatever lol

But the other took a different approach, one in which I could dig and respect.

It depends on the kind of man you’re dealing with. One type of man will do things like that to get the attention of the lurking women who are secretly waiting … But a real man does it because women being a brat or wanting their way and women naggin or wanting to talk about something at an inconvenient time is a universal trait yall share and its a struggle we all have with yall at one time or another. That leads the men who are watching our lady to believe that she’s no different then the ones they can readily have. And that allows us to keep our treasure. We know our woman is dope but they don’t need to know what she does to be so dope or worth keeping.


This response moved me, the conversation as a whole moved me because it embodies the truth. If you want to keep your treasure you definitely wouldn’t tell other people where it is..

Feel free to comment or share your opinion on this topic!