A dream deffered

Last night while scrolling through my Instagram I stumbled across the Instagram of Kyona McGhee … A lot you don’t know who she is. And well I am about to tell you.. She is the owner of an amazing Christian ministry that produces clothing and more for young women across this world

Daughter of the King



I’ve been a very loyal supporter of this woman for years now. She didn’t start out with her ministry she started out with a dream of being a lawyer. She once had a website KimoraCochran.com where she’d report about legal matters of the world or celebrities. And even then I was tuned in…


Just recently something very amazing happened for Kyona. A true blessing from God. And she took it to YouTube to share with us all. I had the pleasure of viewing this last night and you’ll have the pleasure of viewing it now:



One sided messages… Fornication

Here is my disclaimer:

I am in no way form or fashion blaming the churches for the world as a whole… I am asking that they take some of the blame for the portion of the world that they touch in this matter of Fornicating

For those of you who aren’t sure what Fornication means here is the definition : sexual intercourse between people not married to each other.

I recently sat in a Sunday School classroom where the topic was based around fornication. The subject came from 1 Corinthians 6:9-18. I watched each young person read a verse and then it was time for the teacher to take over… We danced around the subject, and finally it’s was touched on very briefly and very surface..

However this isn’t a brief or surface subject matter. Sex shouldn’t be a taboo thing when it comes to how you’re taught about it in church.. Understand the church is a building of people who have a common belief, that shouldn’t stop the conversation of sex from happening on both sides of the fence.

For the Virgins who haven’t participated in sexual intercourse you feed them by encouraging them to wait, giving them the tools they need to stay strong and such during the abstinent journey..

For the ones who are fornicating they deserve a totally different message, one that doesn’t condemn them straight to hell. But one that teaches them two things… How to stop and practice celibacy and one that teaches them how to stop the risk of premarital pregnancy and Sexually transmitted diseases.. This message is barely taught and very much so ignored. This could because no one has practiced celibacy from the pulpit. No Shade we are all human. We’ve all done and still do things that aren’t so great. If that is the case seek out some one in the congregation or from somewhere else that has practiced celibacy to teach that message. Teach them about contraceptives ( Condoms ,birth control) so that once they do make a decision on their own they make one that’s educated… (If you say that it’s the schools or parents job you are failing the next generation already)

The truth of the matter is you cannot control the world or people in it, but you can definitely educate them on right and wrong and how to protect themselves.. Sex is one of those topics that needs to have that type of teaching. It can’t be one sided or biased. That one sided conversation has only gotten a decline of young people in church and an increase on premarital pregnancy and STD rates… Remember when having conversations with them think about how you were once a teenager and how you would have liked to been approached about said subject. It’s all in the approach…

My purpose in this post isn’t to bash churches but to give them a small push in speaking on all sides of the spectrum when they speak about sex…

Tupac Shakur

When I was young I read a lot, wrote poetry… I would’ve been a totally different person had I not been expose to these things… I’m not saying I’m going to change the world, but I guarantee that I will spark the brain that will change the world..- Tupac Shakur

These are sound bites that one of my favorite rappers Wale used on 11-1-11 Theory. Taken from different interviews from a great rapper Tupac Shakur.. Growing up we I lived in a house divided, my older brother was for Michigan and I was For Michigan State. And when it came to music he made his choice Biggie and I made mine Tupac Shakur.

Here’s my disclaimer though Biggie was a great artist as well however I liked Tupac. I was extremely young I mean like 6 years old when he died. I followed his work though, from the music to the movies. To this day I can’t watch Juice without Bishop giving me chills… This part specifically is one of my favorite: http://youtu.be/Cj2hBPsoNpg

Poetic Justice weaseled it’s way into being one of my all time favorite movies to watch. Tupac a part as Lucky was phenomenal.

Once I graduated from Flint Southwestern Academy back in 2008 I paid small homage to Tupac legacy. With his hit I get Around being on of my favorite songs, when my name was called and it was my turn to grace the stage with my presence for my diploma I did the dance he did in the video ( lmbo)
Music video here: http://youtu.be/YqJAnQTwmJs

This man was a genius. He educated himself well on all issues and things that arise in our day to day lives that we ignore. His legacy will forever live on even though he’s went on. Every since I saw the Breakfast Club interview from June 24th 2014 with Angela Martinez and she spoken unreleased interview she has with him I’ve been listen to his interviews and music heavily. I even stumbled across this on Keke Palmers Instagram how Tupac felt about being a role model :http://instagram.com/p/pH94ypErg5/

Here are a few interviews I’ve listened to:

Part one: http://youtu.be/EsItj_NzbuI

Part two:http://youtu.be/ztqQyVonrUM


In Honor of Fathers Day…. R.V Mickens

“… You showed me love was all you needed… Heaven couldn’t wait for you…”

I remember coming over every other weekend after my moms and pops split… My dad felt like he had to work overtime to provide for us. He worked hard too almost three jobs… He was the Original Julius from Everybody hates Chris

My dad would pick us up on Fridays at 6pm and he’d take us to our grandparents house. We’d love to go over there, our granny would bake for us, we’d play games and she was a retired school teacher so we played school even & our Papa would give us anything we wanted from food to shoes… We’d get money for our good report cards… They had this really big porch and on nice days sitting out there after we got ice cream or slurpees or going to the park….. I’d swing and slide while my older brother played basketball with the other boys. When I got bored I’d go find my papa, he’d be reading a newspaper and smoking his cigarettes. I’d sit by him and watch my brother play basketball….

We use to try to hide his cigarettes once we figured out they weren’t really any good for him. But he’d always either find them or buy more and the cycle would start all over again…

Papa wasn’t into going to church but he had a Holy Bible that you could tell was well read it was so torn up.. He believed in God. He never stopped my granny from going to church. Or from taking us along… He use to ask me about my dreams and what I wanted to be… Those dreams went from being a boxer to being a singer to wanting to help people… But he was down with them all! When I wanted to be a boxer he’d hold his hands up and let me practice my punches… When I wanted to be a singer he’d have my granny record us singing all type of songs just to play them back later …. And when I wanted to help people well…

Papa got secretly sick at some point. Him being the man he was he didn’t want to go to the doctor. Like a lot of men .. One day we went over and he got light headed and stumbled up the porch stairs… It seemed like I blinked my eye and he was in the hospital bed at Hurley with a catheter in his bald head it looked so painful and so uncomfortable. For the first time I seen my papa and he was not talking… That was the first time I saw my brother cry since we were kids and the first time I’d EVER seen my dad cry at ALL which made me all kinds of emotional…He had a brain aneurysm..He went from Hurley hospital to Mclaren Hospital… Still not responsive.. Then he went into a nursing home maybe mid or the end of January 2009….

February 2009 papa died… This was one of thee hardest things I’d ever encountered… He was one of the men who was a reminder as to what I need to look for in my future husband. He taught me to dream, he taught me to have standards… Hell he spoiled me… I always felt like there wasn’t men made like my grandfather anymore… He was a great provider, protector and he loved his family…

In Honor of Fathers Day coming I wanted to write something in memory of him… He played a very important part in my life. I learned a lot from him while he was here and even more in hind sight. I can only pray that whomever I spend the rest of my life with treats me how he treated his wife and family… I love you Papa… Rest in Peace R.V Mickens


The thing about such betrayal…

So as of late I’ve noticed a lot of shady things that have transpired around me. And me and some friends have discussed these things.. The main topic just so happens to deal with dating or relationships. Allow me to travel off subject just to come back to my point for a second ..

We often say or talk about losing friends in life and making changes. Those things aren’t always going to be cut and dry situations. The friends we lose aren’t always going to be the new ones. The things we have to change aren’t always going to be the things we didn’t like anyways… We are going to have to dead some deeply rooted friendships and we are going to end up changing some things and situations we’ve become attached to.. That’s how life works.. That’s what allows us to flourish..

Now to the dating/relationship betrayal I’ve witnessed from other parties… Say you are dating a guy/girl for a good while ( a year or more) and for whatever reasons you break up and sometime down the line one of your friends begin to see this guy/girl that was once yours… You’d feel betrayed 8 times out of 10… And that’s fine… But look at it this way after it’s all said and done you loved the person you dated and you love your former friend (I’m sure that friendships dead) so since love isn’t selfish why not just be happy for them instead of the ladder? Or the norm of being mad? … Of course it’s wrong by you but when you love people you want them to ultimately be happy. And you were and are done with the ex… If he/she makes your former friend happy let it be… Now of course your going to hurt or feel some type of way for a while and that’s fine it’s just making you better for later..

I’m almost certain some of you feel as though I’m trippin. I’m not trippin you’re just too emotional for your own good. I’m not making an excuse for anyone to be a sucky friend. What I’m doing is trying to convince you to sticking to your guns of being a good friend. Unconditional love says I want you to be happy, ownership says your mine… In friendships we need to practice unconditional love just as we do in monogamous relationships. You die to your selfishness daily to make the other person comfortable… We have to learn to remain true to the thing we say we are… And in sticky situations like the one stated in the previous paragraph we can’t bend or change our character just because everyone doesn’t operate with the same beliefs and values as us…

This was literally just a very random thought that made perfect sense to me. I decided to share to see what other peoples opinions are on such subject matter… Feel free to comment or drop me a tweet (@JodAyE_Dukes) or and email (thatsmyjam90@gmail.com) for further discussion… ๐Ÿ’‹


Pineapple diet is you tryna eat?

So this gal is a true Vine sensation!
She impersonates Beyonce better than anyone I know!

But that’s not all she can sing… And she has a great song

Pineapple Diet

Check it ouuuuuttttt:

Love never felt so good…

People are always more valued once they are gone… That’s what’s


Say anyways. I feel like we all valued this mans music even when he was here. His ways were questioned and made light of from time to time but however his music has always been legendary.

Michael Jackson

Behind that name is such an amazing Legacy. Amazing producer Timberland has got some of the unheard music of his thrown some great current artist on it and created an album! How exciting is that? Michael Jackson’s music is so rare and so timeless, I personally am loving every song I’ve been hearing!

His hit record Love Never Felt So Good with Heartthrob Justin Timberlake now has a video! Check it out below: