When ThatsMyJAM90 meets FlintMadeMe to explore the vision

I got the divine pleasure of sitting down with Eric Woodyard, the Founder of FlintMadeMe a dynamic movement in Flint, Mi (also a great journalist for MLive/ Flint Journal)… Seeing the growth of his movement has been inspiring to say the least.. I wanted to the chance to explore the dream and vision of such a successful young man… And share it with everyone else..

Here’s the link:



ThatsMyJAM90 Updates

Hello followers, friends and new comers!

As of Nov. 1st there will be two separate Twitter accounts, the one for the brand @ThatsMyJAM90 and the one for my personal tweeting pleasure @JordynAnese …. Please take time out to follow each account, if you aren’t already!


As of November first as well there will be TWO contest taking place! One for Thanksgiving! And the other is for Christmas!

Thanksgiving Contest: I ask that you write into thatsmyjam90@gmail.com about a family that could use help this Thanksgiving! Be sure to include their Name and some form of contact information! All submissions must be in NO later than November 12th at 11pm…. The prize will be a $75 gift card to Meijer’s for help with the families food for Thanksgiving dinner.. (the information submitted will remain completely confidential)


Christmas Contest: This particular contest is for the kids!! This year there may be a child you know or even your own who has a wish for something that’s out of reach! ThatsMyJAM90 is willing to give that lucky kid a $100 visa gift card to get the gift(s) they’ve been wanting! Please send in an email in great detail about the child and his/her Christmas wish! This contest ends November 21st at 11pm! Please be sure to include the child’s name, parents name and some form of contact information! (the information submitted will remain completely confidential)


Be sure to send in you submissions! Both of these contest start TONIGHT! Please be sure to spread the word and get your submissions in! Please place which contest you’re writing in for in the subject line! Thank you so much for always reading and sharing the post here!


Well of Hope: Blessed to be a Blessing ….(Contest opportunity!)

This year marks the 6th annual Blessed to be a blessing Thanksgiving dinner. Which is simply amazing! Six year ago a young woman Chia Morgan had a vision to do something great to give back to our community after the economy fell when General Motors was uprooted from Flint, Mi. Two days before Thanksgiving day residents of Flint are able to dine in a family filled environment  while enjoying live music from one of Flints very own DJ’s as well hear words from an inspirational speaker.

Every year the turn out for this event brings tears to Chia’s eyes. This year she is expecting tremendous growth and more tears of joy ! Due to the previous head chef relocating, Well of Hope would like to introduce and  welcome Chef Dion Pollard on board to help serve the community at this years Blessed to be a Blessing event..


Get into the Thanksgiving spirit with us! Enter the Blessed to Be a Blessing contest!  Find them on Facebook click like and tell us  your favorite Thanksgiving memory or why giving back is important to you. The winner get a FREE manicure! Hurry, you never know when this contest ends ;)

Facebook Like Page link: https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=131549890258924&ref=bookmark

Also take a moment to check out the website: http://www.wellofhopeflint.org/

To volunteer, donate, or just for more information please don’t hesitate to contact Chia Morgan at 810.789.3407 or by email ChiaMorgan@gmail.com (Well of Hope is a non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible)

Kim Harrison (UPDATED)

Often I am asked to do things for people in the name of their dream. And sometimes I oblige, most time I oblige. But just recently I sat down and spoke with a woman in which I’ve known for quite sometime. Mrs. Kim Harrison, she asked for my help just as anyone else with a dream or a goal. However her dream and goal is a tad different …

Mrs. Kim Harrison is a 44 year old woman born and raised in Flint, Mi… She is married to Steve Harrison and together they have to children, Stephan and Shaquita…. Stephan (the oldest son) is serving our country as an active member of the U.S. Navy, while Shaquita (The younger daughter) is a student at U of M Flint. Kim had to Retire early from General Motors due to her Illness, she is currently battling Polycystic Kidney and Liver disease.

Due to the complications related to her condition her husband has had to cut back on hours at work resulting in lost wages. As a result of her treatment she has had both of her kidneys removed and must have dialysis daily in order to survive. Her diagnosis requires that she have a double transplant (Kidney&Liver) which makes her condition very serious and means her donor must have passed away.

There’s a lot of travel involved in her situation due to the way the donor recipient system works. Kim May in fact have to travel to one of the several states where she is registered to receive a transplant at a moments notice. As a result she must have the necessary funds available to cover the travel expenses she incurs. These expense include but aren’t limited to : Lodging, Meals, airline tickets etc…

Any financial donation you can make, no matter how small. Is greatly appreciated by Kim and her family.

Please register as an Organ Donor with the Secretary of State and encourage your friends and family to do so also, there’s a GREAT need for Organs in the state of Michigan as well as across the country. Those who receive (the gift of life) these organs greatly appreciate your kind acts!

In the bible the book of John 15:13 NIV says….
[13] Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.
The same can be said of those who donate organs….

Please send any monetary donations to:

Mrs. Kim Harrison
P.O. Box 320935
Flint, Mi 48532


check out her giveforward page here: https://www.giveforward.com/fundraiser/js56/organ-donation

Also stay tuned for more ways to contribute to this worthy cause.
If you or anyone you know is having an event where donations can be collected please contact myself at ThatsMyJAM90@gmail.com or call me at 810.643.1795 …



This week was the week of great TV…

A new show Black~ish premiered Wednesday night on ABC.. Naturally I missed it doing my hair. However I got the chance to watch it Friday evening once I got relaxed after work.

I must say it’s great to see Joan (Tracy Ellis Ross) back on TV. But the show as a whole was good…

I think it will give other races a chance to see how it is to be a successful African American who came from a rough background. I even think that it is race friendly, it will allow other races to tune in and see how we feel when certain situations occur. It won’t speak for everyone but it will set the tone differently then not so reality TV has over the years.. No shade to reality TV I gets my fix sometimes too.. Shows like this gives us a chance to see a successful African American family and it gives hope which is always good.. I look forward to this season of Black~ish


Spotlight radio interviewed me today

Monday 9.8.14 I was on my lunch break and I received a phone call… From a young man from Spotlight Radio.. Sunny Freeman

Sunny was calling to talk to me about my website and also to offer me the grand opportunity to be featured on his live podcast. And I accepted. It was such an honor to be noticed for what I love to do.

So today at 10:30 it all happened here: http://www.spreaker.com/user/spotlightradio/morning-buzz-09-10-14?autoplay=1

I was very nervous during the interview. Though nobody on this earth knows me better thn I do, I was still shaking like a strippa on the other end of the phone while Sunny asked me questions….

My interview starts right after the “Hottest in the city” track which is pretty hot if I do say so myself…

I do owe Roneeka Simone Brown an apology for not remembering her first name when talking about the play this Saturday! I always see her name I’d just heard someone call her R. Simone Brown.. I apologize..

Thank you goes to Sunny Freeman and spotlight radio for the opportunity


You should wanna taste this… #FlavorMeDope

All of my friends are blessed with amazing talents and gifts. But one of them is blessed and highly flavored!

My friend Symphani McNeal has been my friends for about 7years now and we’ve always been expressive with one another about our dreams and future plans. While mine probably had a lot to do with love and relationships.. Hers had more to do with her love for music and cooking.. Symphani and I always related well when it came to music, she’d put me on some dope music and I in return would do the same for her.. But cooking has been hers all by herself. I can cook but Symphani is all into it presentation of meals and all..

About a year or so ago we sat at Barnes and Nobles and discussed our dreams and how we want our futures to play out in great detail.. And at this present moment I’m proud to say that she has made a grand step in the correct direction…

Her amazing cupcakes are now in a restaurant right here in Flint, Mi…
You can try her


Cupcakes at Capitol Coney Island 4021 Van Slyke Rd, Flint,Mi 48507
The cost of them is $1.50
They are opened 24hrs!

To give you some visuals of her work:
Red Velvet:

Raspberry with lemon cream cheese frosting:


Reese’s Brownie(my fav) and Pineapple upside down:


Special order white with strawberry frosting:


To place special orders from Symphani herself send emails to