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I use this website to uplift and support others… One way I’ve done that is by supporting their dream and giving them an avenue to be heard. Interviews….. Written, recorded and video taped for others to read, listen to and watch… Falling more and more in love with the great people from our city and the fact that we have way more thn crime and high death rate to offer. We have people here with talent. People who want to inspire. People who are living their dream even here.

When we began recording the interviews I pulled in a good friend of mine Symphani ( to conduct the interviews. She simply amazing and her burning passion for Hip Hop as well as people with dreams and ambition is the cherry on top!

Her and I have been working on a great way to keep inspiring and keep placing the great people of our city!

If you or anyone you know is doing any of those thing send them my way. I can be contacted at, simply place Interview Request in the subject line…

Below are links to a few interviews done here at



Cash Cola


Jordyn Anese๐Ÿ’œ

Ciara from Outreach 20:35


Westside Society

Big Baby

“Have you been reading your bible?” – Kevin Harts mom

I’m a sucka for a good interview that inspires or moves me in some way…

I am a fan of Kevin Hart, he’s cute and chocolate, nice looking tiny man! But his interview with Oprah allowed him to get personal,on a serious note. I’ve watched the interview twice and both times I have found something that moved me. This time it was his story about his mom and his first year of rent..

Check it out here:

This story spoke volumes to me. I think that all someone needs is one person in their corner to believe in them and invest in them. And that one person being none other than one of the people who gave them life is phenomenal! It is support at the highest level…

Be inspired.
Do great.
Remain epic.

The business of the month… Hair 101

Wednesday January 8,2014 I had the pleasure of going to the actual salon and getting my hair done. As some who follow my Instagram (ThatsMyJAM90) or Twitter (JodAyE_Dukes) know that I am the one who usually does my hair. I’ve often said I don’t believe in paying somebody to do something I can do myself… And that’s still true, however sometimes as a woman I want to be pampered and that’s definitely apart of being pampered…

I made an appointment with a member of Outreach 20:35 (Only the baddest glam squad/Outreach group in Flint). Her name is Tierra Bradford and she has a chair at one of Flints growing and thriving hair salons Hair 101

I got there and it was like so mellow so chill. Truth be told I’d been there before but it had been a while my old faith nail tech Tatiana Hill works there. Anyways me and Tierra talked and laughed and she Werked! (as she would say) on my hair. Dying my roots, reviving my ends color, washing, drying, and curling all of this heavy load of hair on my head! God bless her soul.. In the meantime in between time the Shops owner came in Lenisha Perry. Lenisha is a very cool very business woman. Lenisha, Tierra and I engaged in great meaningful conversation. Mainly touching the topic of business and networking. The conversation was a great one to have. It’s always amazing to see women come together and talk about something other than gossip ESPECIALLY the hair salon…

If you’re from Flint,Mi or simply visiting make an appointment or stop by Hair 101 the services they offer include:

Hair Styling
Color and Cuts
Body wraps
Make up
Pink and whites
And More!

Hair 101
1235 Center Rd, Suite 14
Burton,Mi 48509

Lenisha Perry

Ciara Hunter CEO of Outreach 20:35

When you meet good people with good hearts you should want to spread the positive energy around… I saw this Young lady on Instagram Promo’n her team…. And at that point I was like “Yo I’ve got to meet her, and put up something about what she’s doing on my site”… Then I hosted a Fashion show and just so happens The outreach group she is apart of was doing Hair and some of the make up… After I seen the group of young people working hard and dedicating their time to make everyone beautiful on the outside for the show, I was sure I had to let people know how beautiful this was from the inside..So we met Ciara at Barnes& Noble in Flint,Mi on January 1st to sit and talk to her about how this all started…..Look out for the group interview coming really Soon…..

S/O to the teams graphic designer Teshia Bradford and also a former member of the team Shantelle Cordell She was the make up artist. Two very talented women!

Interviewer: Symphani from
Twitter: @BellaBior
Instagram: @_hollygolightly__
Outreach 20:35 CEO, Ciara Hunter
Instagram names: @tierraj_

Follow me as well Twitter:JodAyE_dukes
Instagram: ThatsMyJAM90

Yonce… (UPDATED)

A few weeks ago I was hit with a surprise from my favorite female r&b artist…


She dropped her self named album on a Thursday night and when I got the text message I was full speed ahead to iTunes to download it and started listening to it NON-STOP… You hear me?! . I learned the songs in two days like all of them… Fell in love with the videos in maybe three or four days it got so real for me..

This album was dope. It shows Beyonce’s growth. Reflecting on her very first solo album all the way up to this one. You can see the change from a dating girl to a married woman. Each song gives you a different feel. This album takes you through a few different emotions. I do however advise parental advisory with this one. It’s a pretty grown project..

Here’s the video series YouTube:

Check out some of my favorite quotes from the songs below!

Pretty Hurts

Pretty hurts, shine the light on whatever’s worse. Trying to fix something but you can’t fix what you can’t see it’s the soul that needs the surgery

Plastic smiles,in denial can only take you so far


All the people on the planet working nine to five just to stay alive

I’m climbing up the walls cause all the shit I hear is boring

I’m on to you, you must be on to me

Drunkin Love

I’m sanging on the mic to my boy toy then I fill the tub up half way and ride it with my surfboard

I do say it’s the shit if I do say so myself

We woke up in the kitchen saying how the hell did this shit happen oh baby


I love your face, you love the taste. That sugar babe it melts away

Pink is the flavor, solve the riddle

I can’t wait til I get home so you can turn that cherry out

No Angel

Baby put ya arms around me tell me ima problem.

underneath this pretty face it’s something complicated

I come with a side of trouble but I know that’s why you’re staying cause you’re no angel either baby


I bought this all for you just walk my way

I sneezed on the beat and the beat got sicker

Took 45 minutes to get all dressed up we ain’t even go make it to this club

Take all of me, I just wanna be the girl you like. The kind of girl you like is right here with me


I cooked this meal for you naked, so where da hell you at?

Wish that you were me, so you could feel this feeling

Sometime I wanna walk in ya shoes do the type of things that I never ever do

I look damn good I ain’t lost it

And I love making you jealous but don’t judge me


Let me take this off while you watch me, that’s mass appeal

Rock right up to the side of my mountain climb until you reach my peak baby, peak baby, peak

I do it like it’s my profession I gotta make a confession

We’re so much more than pointless fixtures, Instagram pictures


On my mind, up past my bedtime. No rest in the kingdom.

Stop making a big deal outta the little things cause I got big deals and I got little things. Got everything I’m asking for but you


Your love is bright as ever, even in the shadows

Nobody sees what we see. They’re just hopelessly gazing

In the darkest night I search through the crowd. Your face is all that I see I give you everything

I love him like XO


Respect that, bow down bitches

I took some time to live my life, but don’t think I’m just his little wife

I woke up like this, I woke up like this we flawless

Mama taught me good home training, my daddy taught me how to love my haters

My man make me feel so got damn fine!


And when I’m standing In this mirror after all these years what I’m viewings a little different from what ya eyes show ya. I guess I didn’t see myself before ya

And I thought I could live without ya.. Hey hey.. Nothing I know can break us down


But heaven couldn’t wait for you

I fought for you the hardest. It made em the strongest

I just can’t stand to see you leaving

You showed me love was all you needed


Sometimes these walls seem to cave in on me but when I look in ya eyes I feel alive

Come on baby won’t you hold on to me

Each day I feel so blessed to be looking at you..

My heart beats so damn quick when you say my name

Ladies and Gentlmen Beyonce

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ThatsMyJAM90 presents: Pierre Gabrielle “League of OUR OWN” 10 year Anniversary Hoodie

Years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Nate Bell. Nate was and is the definition of a gentlemen. Very well mannered. And then I met is partner, Kalon Williams. Kalon seemed so serious he seemed to be the complete opposite of Nate. As time went on and I got to know him He was just as cool (If not cooler jk). In meeting them and becoming family, I started to support Pierre Gabrielle. These guys have been blessed enough to reach their 10 year anniversary with their brand… What better way to kick it off?!….

In celebration of our 10 year anniversary we are releasing the ‘LEAGUE of OUR OWN’ 10 Year Anniversary Hoody.
Purchase the piece at

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Conversations with Cash Cola…

Maybe a week ago, my girl Symphani and I got to sit down with one of flint, MI own up and coming rap artist. And by up and coming I mean coming for the world to know because Flint should already know him… Cash Cola, before he was known as T.Jiles but as he told me off the record that was years ago… Now Cash Cola and his team Wrist Game Entertainment are doing great things and making music for our cities youth and music lovers alone to vibe to. While making a name for themselves… Tune in and listen to what Symphani was able to dig up out of him at Big Johns on 11/30/13…..

Vote here for who you think was better!


Here are the songs Symphani mentioned in the interview :

Shake Vice

Tell a friend

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Take a picture it last longer…

it’s a photo shoot girl it’s a photo shoot!

Earlier this year I was planning to do some big things (still working towards it) nonetheless I needed a photographer to make something’s happen…. I know a bunch of them. So looking for one to use myself should’ve been easy, right?…. Yea NOT even easy. When you’re looking for someone to do work for you it is much different, you look at their work a little more critical then you would if you were getting them for someone other than yourself….

In conversation with my homeboy Craig I was telling him I’d wished he could’ve been in our hometown Flint,Mi to do my shoot.. Craig’s work is amazing…. He says to me “Use Steve”… I’m like YAS! (in thee most ratchet voice I can ponder up).. Steve is DOPE, I’d seen his work and loved it… Craig and Steve’s work is good enough to be in any big name magazine out HANDS DOWN

So Steve and I linked up… I’ve got to tell you, I was so nervous the day of the shoot. I was shaking like a stripper… Steve’s skills were different. He got photos of me doing my normal everyday gestures. You can hardly call that “Posing for the camera” …it was like taking pictures while checking the scenery and catching up with an old friend… No really Steve and I went to Flint Northwestern High School together before I went to Flint Southwestern High school… So things came natural and I will say when ever I did try to pose it felt so rehearsed…..

Great pictures are great pictures… That was just one part of this post…. Let’s talk about being Beauty Marked

Once I knew I was going to be having a photo shoot I instantly knew Ranesha Cavette was going to do my make-up. I didn’t care how early I had to be there. I needed her make-up expertise… I’d been following her work for sometime via Instagram… She’s great at what she does.. Not only that but she puts in serious work and investment in her gift… Most people who I knew that did make-up just did it on the side or as a plan B… This woman takes it seriously and once I seen her drive and ambition I needed an excuse to have her do my make-up but this wasn’t an excuse…. It was a great reason….

Needless to say this particular day was one of the most amazing days of my life… And what better way to remember it but the pictures… You know what they say…

Take a picture… It last longer

Steven Hawkins:
Phone: 810-965-1143

Ranesha Cavette:
Makeup Artist for both freelance & M.A.C
Esthetician & Massage Therapist 810.620.3428

(below is pictures of both Steven and Ranesha … Also a few photos from the shoot)







Let’s have this moment together…

In life we have choices… Plenty of choices..

Do or Don’t

Red or Blue

Paper or Plastic

And the choices we make pave the lane that is perfectly created for us… Those choices write the black words on the white pages of our life story…

At this point in life do you feel like you’ve made the right the choices?

This is the question I just asked myself, like no for real I got in the house took off my coat and that’s the question the formed in my head.. And as I began to think about it I cried. Mascara running down my cheeks, face turning red, and eyes mad glossy cry… I feel like I just been settling and being comfortable… There’s so many things I want to do that I talk myself out of and label it

Common Sense

Little did I realized I’d boxed myself in to the opinions of people who won’t ever sign any of my checks… Shame on me… So in a matter of minutes I made a choice… A choice to go for what it is I really want… A choice to NEVER SETTLE I felt so much weight lift off of me…

So now it’s your turn… You try… Do the things you desire, the things you dream of.. Don’t box yourself in and don’t let nobody else box you in…




The interview about Smack and The red book….

Two summers ago I was on one of thee dopest clothing line teams that Flint,Mi has ever seen at the time .. Identical Variant …. The founders called a team meeting to do some planning and discussing as far as what was next. That was a well needed meeting for me because I didn’t know everyone, I wanted to put faces with names ya know?.. At this meeting I met Sean that is known as Smack.. Smack was one of the artist on the team… He was real cool chill and quite random which was cool with me.. I’m random… Earlier this year he released The Red Book… It’s a dope book with great illustration and room for your mind to work! I had the pleasure of asking him just a few questions about the book and what he does….

1.The name smack, how did that come about?
“The name Smack actually started back in my high school days. I was a part of this youth group back in Saginaw called Gamma Kappa Kudos and one of my brothers started calling me that. It’s basically a combination of my first and last name. Ever since then I just ran with it and made it my artist name.”

2.How did art become apart of your life?
“Art’s really been in my life since I was a kid. People always told me that I was drawing whenever I had the chance, sketching out like Ninja Turtles or Ghostbusters. I can’t even really think of a time when it wasn’t around. It wasn’t really until around elementary school when I realized I wanted to do it for the rest of my life. Didn’t know exactly how but I just knew I wanted to do art.”

3.How did the idea for the Red Book come along?
“The whole idea came from me being in an art block really. Any artist will tell you about those, once you get an art block all creativity is stalled. So to get out of it I wanted to go back to basics and go back to figure drawing. That’s really how the book started. One girl offered to pose and another followed and it just jumped off from there. The color “red” came from more of a design choice that turned into something more meaningful as the whole series went on.”

4.The girls in the book, how did you go about selecting them?
“After I realized I wanted to turn it into a book, I basically had a call for anybody that wanted to be in the book. Anyone of any persuasion was welcome to be in, color, body type, all were welcomed. Some of them I knew personally and I was just honored that they even wanted to be a part of it. Someone told me the book let them show a side they never got a chance to express and that was cool to me.”

5.Did they have boyfriends? How was their reactions to your illustrations of their women?
“Yeah there were definitely some who were involved at the time. I never really heard any reaction from their boyfriends about it so I couldn’t even say. I haven’t been threatened with a bat yet so I think they weren’t too heated about it. It’s crazy, there’s a part in the beginning of the book that says thank you which really meant “thank you for not driving to Saginaw to start a fight club on my front lawn” haha. But I seriously appreciate any of them realizing it’s really just art.”

6.Where can the Red Book be found?
“Right now anybody interested can by the physical version the book on Amazon ( and the digital version at the book’s Tumblr page (”

7. What can we expect next from Smack?
“Honestly? That’s something I’m trying to figure out myself really. I’m starting ground work for the next Red Book, I’ll be going back to working on my webcomic The Revolutionary Times soon with my friend Brandon Howard, and doing more design work with Identical Variant. Other than that, it’s completely a mystery to me. These past couple of months, I’ve done a children’s books and an art battle so who knows where the artistic winds will take me next. I just know I’ll be doing my best to become a better artist and showing the world what I can do with these gifts.”

8.Is there anything I didn’t ask that you would like readers to know?
“I’m a Taurus, I enjoy very short walks on the beach and Kevin Smith movies, and I’m currently 95% potty trained. I don’t know what anyone would actually do with that info but there you have it. Oh, and don’t take any wooden nickels. Just don’t do it. “

Check out some of Smacks illustrations. Ladies seize the opportunity to be his next muse for “Chapter 2 of The Red Book” below…