Every blue moon dot com… Wale

So a few days ago (Maybe more thn that) I seen Wale one of my favorite rap artist post an Instagram post about his blog Every Blue Moon and I said I’d wait to see what he got up… Ya know what he on. Tonight I decided to go look I’m mean I’m fresh off the site right now. And he wrote a message and it starts with a question

Where have I been?

He goes on to explain some things about himself and the purpose of him making the blog. As I read it I fell more and more in love with his artistry. This dude has the It factor to me.. When it comes to an artist that is.. I love people who take pride in being themselves no matter what. And I just love his music because I know there’s a message behind it all…

In other news check Wales message from his new site everybluemoon.com


Oh yea and I’m absolutely the girl waiting on ambitious girl 3 and the one who gets dressed to “Illest bitch alive” erry morning faithfully… Judge me so…

Secret Source: Tales of a light skin woman…

Earlier today I checked my email and it was a 28 year old African American woman that happens to be light skin, in my inbox… She was speaking her piece on this light skin v.s Dark skin thing that has been going on for years. And that has now made it to national TV…

I’m a 28 year old lighter toned African American woman an I’ve been seeing your blog through out my timelines and new feeds ( *fist pump*) …so I figured why not give you a different angle to write from or post from. I am personally tired of the whole light skin v.s dark skin thing. I fell like it has been blown up and taking way outta line… I like a few other people I know hate being punished for what the majority does.. It’s like I can’t even date a decent guy because they think I’m an average “Light skin long hair” female that’s going to brush him off or ignore ten text and be Johnny on the spot for the 11th one.. I see the post and I know they suppose to be jokes but they aren’t all truth! I usually text right back depending on what I’m REALLY doing. I’m not easy but you don’t have to move mountains for my attention if I want to give it to you…. I’ve been friends with the same two dark skin women who I love to death since I was in the 6th grade and the things ppl say light skin women do, THEY DO!… To make matters worse Oprah dedicates like shows to the “issue” and to me it just made it seem like we are Devils with caramel complexions.. I’m not for it… And I think it’s ridiculous..

This is the first time I’ve ever got an opinion to my email like this… And for it to be a light skin woman upset about the light skin/ dark skin beef (which is almost as elaborate as the east coast/west coast beef if I do say so myself) it makes for interesting conversation…


Music with a message…

It’s dope getting music to my inbox from my people that stay in my hometown Flint, Mi… But when someone who is in a different state drops me some music it’s different.. It’s like

How you know me?

It’s a sure sign of my network growing! God is amazing!
Now that I’ve said that I have some tunes here from a good person I got to politic with a few weeks back from Tennessee… His names Just James (James English) and he has a clothing line From Greek to Urban we can get into that later… check out this track he sent me, the message in the song’s powerful:


Also check out the clothing line!

Do it one time for the Vine Money!

I catch Vine videos two ways either I log on or one of my crazy friends sends me one midday to make me laugh in which I love! So when I got this one to my inbox I was like

whaaaaa?! Money so funny

My homeboy Money did a vine video of a song he made up I’m guessing and the funny thing is I caught myself singing it yesterday like it was a hit! My friend was looking at me all weird..

Nonetheless I think it’s funny but at the same time he got a nice voice kinda.. Check him out below:


Follow his vine: @MateoComacho

Twoz- rebellion

So this song came along in my email a few days ago and it got my attention… To me it’s speaks to those who rebel against what people limit them to being able to do and make what they dream of happen. Anybody who knows me know I’m all about living your dream and living it like it’s the only option.. Not only that but it has a hood feel to it that I usually get from listening to a Rick Ross track… Check it out, let me know what you all think…


Follow the artist on twitter : @Twozmot

Young and Passionate…

Go with me here

I’m sitting at my desk at work making calls and such as I usually do. Chugging down smart water… It’s a regular day in the life of Jordyn The PCC at Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy.. Then all of a sudden my phone began to vibrate and my first thought is

Who is this? My ppl know I’m here til at least 5:15pm on a good day!

I step away from my desk and notice that this is a title-less number She don’t like answering title-less numbers ok? … This time I answer. As soon as I do there’s a young man on my line asked if I’m Jody. Once I say yes and before I could ask he tells me who he is ,what he does, and how I need to give him an interview because (He said and I quote)

What’s hot out in these streets

This kid was passionate!! I mean yo I barely got a word in… Once he finally stop talking and telling me how I need to get him interviewed, I got to talk! FINALLY!

I told him to send me his music and what he was looking to do via email. And when I say after we hung up he sent it within that next 15 to 30 minutes … I kid you NOT!..

We didn’t set up something right away I found him on Instagram and watched how he worked and seen what his demographic was. After I figured all that out it was no more time to wait so I hit up Symphani from Symphani.com and we made this happen, the interview had to take place…. Here it is! Check out the interview with Big Baby below:


I give a F…

Every where I turn or shall I say scroll?

I see or read somebody sayin how many fucks they do not give… It’s becoming more and more popular to walk around and lose all the fucksyou once gave. For those of you who don’t understand it I’m talking about people walking around not caring about anything. Or at least claiming not to.

You can really tell too. Men gives no fucks about how they treat women even if they have daughters. And women give no fucks about who they bring around their children. There are less kids graduating, less adults being real role models… All because we have decided to purposefully lose the fucks we once gave…

It’s is time to find them fucks though people. We have got to start caring more about what we do, who we are around, and other people period. Society has taught us… No


us to be selfish and careless individuals who won’t ever take the blame for what the consequences of our behavior is.. If we don’t get a hold of ourselves generation after generation will be lost because those before them never gave a fuck

Nobody gives a fuck until it’s too late and we cashing out on “Free ____” and “R.I.P_____” tshirts and hoodies… Let’s start at least giving a fuck about what matters… This post might not change much but I had to say it because unlike most people from my Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram …

I give a fuck..