ThatsMyJAM90 presents: Pierre Gabrielle “League of OUR OWN” 10 year Anniversary Hoodie

Years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Nate Bell. Nate was and is the definition of a gentlemen. Very well mannered. And then I met is partner, Kalon Williams. Kalon seemed so serious he seemed to be the complete opposite of Nate. As time went on and I got to know him He was just as cool (If not cooler jk). In meeting them and becoming family, I started to support Pierre Gabrielle. These guys have been blessed enough to reach their 10 year anniversary with their brand… What better way to kick it off?!….

In celebration of our 10 year anniversary we are releasing the ‘LEAGUE of OUR OWN’ 10 Year Anniversary Hoody.
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Note to “lil me”

One day I’m social network surfing and my boy Craig, who I’ve mentioned before. He wrote this ridiculously long letter in a Facebook status…

I’m like

What the hell is Craig doing?

So I checks out the link he had attached first because I actually follow directions sometimes in my spare time LOL

Opening the link I see a famous Black man sitting in a directors chair read a letter. As I continue to watch I see it’s a letter to himself.. His younger self.. So after watching the video I was more than interested in what Adult Craig had to say to “Lil Craig”… Not only that but I began to think about what I’d say to “Lil Jody” …

Watch this video and then try it. It will make you realize a thing or two about yourself:

We did it in the car… With TreeWhopper…

Tree Whopper is somebody in which Symphani and I have known for years… And he’s been making us laugh for awhile. He was one of the guys who would always play a major part in blazin (cracking jokes) when around a group of friends. We had the opportunity to spend sometime with him last week. There was not a moment that was too serious this day, we laughed more than we were able to think LOL seriously tho..

Symphani got a chance to ask him questions and find out where his inspiration comes from, how he got started, and what he has going in currently

We did it in the car…. With TreeWhopper

Check out our interview….

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Conversations with Cash Cola…

Maybe a week ago, my girl Symphani and I got to sit down with one of flint, MI own up and coming rap artist. And by up and coming I mean coming for the world to know because Flint should already know him… Cash Cola, before he was known as T.Jiles but as he told me off the record that was years ago… Now Cash Cola and his team Wrist Game Entertainment are doing great things and making music for our cities youth and music lovers alone to vibe to. While making a name for themselves… Tune in and listen to what Symphani was able to dig up out of him at Big Johns on 11/30/13…..

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Here are the songs Symphani mentioned in the interview :

Shake Vice

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