Customer Service (the lack thereof)

“Look, I’m going to need to speak to your manager.” I can’t tell you how many times I have felt the need to address someone’s superior or how many times I have actually went through with the feeling that manifested in my gut. It seems now more than ever people working in customer service aren’t into servicing the customer. Minus what feels like a handful, most seem to hate their jobs. My question is, why would anyone do something they (absolutely) hate just for nickels on the dollar? Here is just one example of rudeness I’ve encountered during my JAM.

After a concert back in October 2013, two friends and I where on “E”; leaving Detroit we needed food and fast! So one of my home girls suggested we try this tavern with great wings, and a stop was a must. Moment of truth: I have a weak spot for some good wings so I was game the moment they were mentioned so needless to say if my other home girl wasn’t down she was going to have to lay down, she was out voted.

We arrived at the tavern around 11pm and entered immediately noticing a sign by the door instructing customers to: “Please Seat Yourself”. We did as the sign asked and waited patiently for our server to greet us. It took no time for the waitress to come and drop off menus, three ice waters and scurry off like a mouse exposed by the light; but that was where the problems began. First, she never greeted us, no hello, no good evening, no “what up ya’ll”; so it goes without saying that she never introduced herself nor did she attempt to make communication with us. Within about 5-15 minutes our mime of a server returned to take our orders. One by one we told her what we wanted, with 2 of us (including myself) ordering extra ranch (what’s bomb ass wings without extra ranch?). We had our food in no time and great conversation combined with good laughs made up for lack of service we were receiving until we finished off our meals and she brought back one bill.

Problem number two was a direct result of problem one. The conversation among friends made us forget about her previous inadequacies in communicating until she didn’t ask how the checks were going to be distributed, and assumed that the 3 of us would pay as one. Before either of my girls could convey their disgust, I promptly and politely said: “Ma’am the checks are separate”. Without a word our miming-waitress scampered off returning with the correct bills. I said to myself “that was done way to fast” and decided to check over the rushed work she presented as soon as she departed. Before I could glance over receipts one of the girls said sternly: “I didn’t even order no ranch! she just brought it. Then she gone charge me?! What the hell?!” After a deep breath we just paid the bills without hassle. This problem made 3, “Helen Keller Mute Waitress” didn’t explain any extra charges rather .25₵ or $20.00 to us, and this could have very well swayed the purchase of any extras. At this point we were preparing to go as our waitress brought back our change. Really what else could possibly go wrong? Problem number 4; our mime was a petty thief! She must of had the impression that we may not be the most giving patrons and decided to take nearly a dollar from our due change. The food was top notch but the horrid service along with lack of communication put a damper on the night and needless to say that 85₵ was her tip from us that night. But I pose this real question: why work in customer service or any classification of work when you don’t enjoy what you’re doing or the people you’re doing it for?

People, when accepting employment in any field from (but not limited to) a McDonalds burger flipper to a owner of a corporation it should be you intentions to provide the best possible product or service possible. Everything you do at work reflects upon you and the company you represent. The waitress in my story may have felt like we just didn’t tip or maybe we weren’t going to tip and treated us accordingly. But she didn’t know the 3 of us nor did she know the type of influence any of us held. She didn’t mess up a good tip for herself on a windy day in October she messed 3 potential loyal customers for employer as well. In closing, since that experience I decided never to go to the tavern again but more importantly I have decided to tell this story anytime the establishment is mentioned to me to spread awareness of the possible drawbacks. Good customer service goes a long way but bad customer service goes further.

The mission…(Interview with Symphani McNeal)

Mission Statement:
“Providing a platform for practical resolutions, good direction towards solutions; giving exposure to unique subjects and talents alike. ThatsMyJAM90 is more than a woman’s life experiences, it is a generations “footprints to life’s JAM’s”

Interview with Symphani McNeal:

Over the next few months ThatsMyJAM90 will be bringing you better structure and way more styles of writing…

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Thank you all for baring with me as I walk in my purpose and give you amazing things to read up on…

Life without Richard…

Just in case you’re wondering who the hell Richard is, let me tell you you’ll be clear by the end of this post.. The topic is something we hear about but it’s rare we run into someone who is serious about it or someone who will talk about… It’s something personal.. But I’ve found a few women willing to share their stories with me be it one question or seven they were willing to answer and share..

This post is a secret source post.. The names of the people interviewed will not be revealed however it wasn’t their decision it was mine…

~*Ms.No Richard ever…. *~
1. How is it standing on your decision to be abstinent?

“It’s wonderful.. I don’t have any prospects (laughs). I come from a family of lonely women with kids and multiple jobs. Those women are miserable. To me it seems as if they looked at the men they were dealing with and said if you have plans to stick around and be a father.. You don’t qualify to be my baby daddy! … I honestly feel like nobody should get what my husband gets. I also have to be an example to my younger sisters, I don’t believe in “Do as I say and not as I do”…

2. You were in and 3 and a half year relationship, how did that work? Was he at least celibate?

“No ma’am he was absolutely not… He has a baby to prove it!.. I don’t know how to answer that because in reality it didn’t work. He supported what I put on the table but he still did what he wanted to do. It’s like he didn’t pressure me to have sex because I was a virgin, but he still went and had sex with who ever he wanted to have sex with.”

3.Being abstinent and getting with a guy who wasn’t, did you think he was it?

“My insecurities thought he was it. But the half of me that knew my SelfWorth knew he wasn’t. Like I wouldn’t even let him put his tongue in my mouth when we kissed, it was gross!”

4. At this point, what do you think it will be like when you meet the one that’s going to wait?

“I honestly need glitter all over the room or some shit. Something magical is going to happen. I think it will have to be a feeling I can’t put to words and I’m really good with words”

~*Ms.Post baby Richard-less…*~
1. After becoming a mother, what experience brought you to the decision of being celibate?

“After my relationship ended for good. I stayed to myself for a long time. I decided to change and get to know new people . I wasn’t looking or wanting for a relationship but if it happens I didn’t want to do things the way I used to. I needed change, I wanted something real. After talking to a few guys, I was disgusted because I could notice their intentions up front. Most of them just wanted sex, they didn’t even have to say it. I decided then to be celibate. I want a guy to want more than just sex from me. I’m worth more than that. “

2.When do you tell the guys who approach you that you are celibate?

“Honestly I haven’t even gotten that far with a guy to even tell them I’m celibate. I’m pretty old fashion when it come to dating. I believe in friendship, dates, and getting to know each other without being sexual. When a guy get to talking about sex before they really get to know me, it’s an instant turn off. “

3. How has your life changed since you’ve made the decision?

“Since I’ve made the decision, I’m so much happier. It’s not always easy but I have more respect for myself. I feel like I have more worth because I won’t let just anybody have my body, especially in a world that glorifies sex and brainwash people into thinking it’s the equivalent of love.”

~*Ms.No more Richard…*~
1.How long have you been celibate? What brought you to that decision?

“Since last December. GOD! Nothing or anyone could have brought me to this decision but him.”

2.After making this decision, was there a time when you regret not waiting from the start? Why or why not?

“Yes! Definitely…it’s so worth the wait. Not waiting was dumb and pointless..from the people to the situations”

3.To be celibate it seems you have to be well guarded from the company you keep to the things you listen to, was it hard distancing yourself from certain people and things?

“No, because I know what I want and need out of life. Saying “no” became easier once I really started to get in the word. But I have made a bad decision since by putting myself in a situation I wasn’t prepared to handle…which makes it easier to keep myself out of sinful situations. I still listen to music other than gospel but I feel like I’m strong enough to not let it influence me. “

4.When you tell people or they find out you’re celibate do you get criticism? And how do you deal or respond?

“Lol yes almost all the time. But I just laugh with them. but still encourage them to become celibate too because I know the outcome of obeying God or choosing not to obey him. “

Does everybody understand what I’m referring to when I say “Life without Richard?”… This may seem some type of vulgar but however when a mans name is Richard often times you’ll hear someone call him “Dick“… So there’s the title Life without Richard (Dick)… An abstinent or Celibate life…

These were some really cool and brave women who allowed me to be all up in their mix when it came to there sex life or lack there of.. It’s dope to get a different perspective on things gives you something to actually think about….

Wale – Golden Salvation (Jesus Piece)

Early this year I made the decision to really start listening to music. Not just playing a CD once and making a judgment call but I mean song by song, lyric by lyric. It is NO secret I LOVE Wale’s music. I have been a fan since the early days of “100 miles & running” and the original “Nike Boots”; so when “The Gifted” was announced I was excited to see what his follow up to “Ambition” would sound like. After my initial listen of the album I noticed there was a lot more radio friendly JAM’s to this project than its predecessors, but the songs seemed to put things into perspective. To name drop one specifically: Golden Salvation takes the cake. Being a woman in her early 20’s, firmly grounded and growing in church hearing a song with a message speaking out against blasphemy (that’s not a gospel song) and its mainstream rap is more than rare it’s unheard of.

1 Timothy 6:9-10 MSG
[9-10] But if it’s only money these leaders are after, they’ll self-destruct in no time. Lust for money brings trouble and nothing but trouble. Going down that path, some lose their footing in the faith completely and live to regret it bitterly ever after.


Give thanks
To the fatha
Holy Water
Jesus piece
But don’t nobody wanna know Jesus’ peace, no

[Verse 1:]
Niggas use me to shine
I been helpin you stunt
Look why these rapping dudes ain’t hit me in months
I don’t ask for too much
Covered in VVS’s
Women gon play ya closer
And them hungry jokers gon try test ya
Now they bumping your record
Ya confidence through the roof
Still ya show no respect kid
The good book said pray
But you so stuck in your ways
You got my image appraised
Why you sinning out waiting
Fornicating with women I sat right there on your table
Don’t bow your head for grace
Though I’m keeping you graceful
Brothers was born to cheat
Though I question who faithful
Fast for me nope
Blasphemy though
Rap to it so racks up
To match up with me froze
How can a diamond supersede my wisdom
I seen a reverend with five of me as he read his scripture
This is bible readings to people with malice intentions
You silly get wits seen ahki with crucifix pendent
With a Cuban attached
On a secular scene
I died for you all
Now niggas die over me

Jesus piece Jesus piece Jesus piece
But don’t nobody want know Jesus peace
Jesus piece Jesus piece Jesus piece
But don’t nobody want know Jesus peace

[Verse 2:]
Sierra Leone diamonds
LA to New York got em’?
If nobody stores have me
Some probably would know about me
All over paparazzi
Shout out to Murakami
See they commercialize me
I’m sure there will be more robberies
New chain swag get you crew laid fast
Or laid down or not a ticket next to dad
And the bible told you wait on my arrival
But patience was your problem
So get Jacob to come find me
And religion is a style if not
Then why this shit a quarter mil
No fugazi see Jacob tell you that ish real
Hallelujah the things you do to be the manure
You never thank me at shows but you keep me on tour
Sunday services pastor is the wealthy ones working it
Preaching Armageddon while collection plates been circling the room
Fears but a tool
And Gospel gone commercial pray the purpose isn’t cruel
And the workers in the pulpit want they blessings to improve
And they stone me on the cross and niggas stone me for the ooh’s
And the ahh’s foolish
What am I who are ya
I’m coming down from the sky cause niggas keep praying to shine

For the price of fame
What would you do to have em’ say your name
See I promise I would never cop another chain but the arms spent on these VS
Got me in that complex page
For the price of fame
When that Bugatti drop my accountant stop me for a second and said not today not today
For the price of fame

For the price of fame
What would you do to have em’ say your name
It is such a shame