Vehicle City Sneaker Con/ Art Of Hip Hop 8/22/14

This Friday 8/22/14 is a day of nothing but DOPE events….

Flints very first Vehicle City Sneaker Con! Packed with amazing musical performances and kicks!… Look forward to hearing from Tiera Santoya, Chase Shaw and more!


One of the greatest events Flint has to offer directly after The Art of Hip Hop! There will be amazing music artist from Flint, Cash cola and Tony Stacks to name a few…


Both of these events are taking place the same night! In the same place! Back to back! With a Head to Head battle with special guest judge yours truly!

Jordyn Anese from

A chance to move forward to the Art Of Hip Hop in October to win a $500 cash prize!

Amazing host for both events!

And many more surprises!

Be there 8/22/14
Local 432
124 west 1st street
Flint, Mi 48502

A dream deffered

Last night while scrolling through my Instagram I stumbled across the Instagram of Kyona McGhee … A lot you don’t know who she is. And well I am about to tell you.. She is the owner of an amazing Christian ministry that produces clothing and more for young women across this world

Daughter of the King


I’ve been a very loyal supporter of this woman for years now. She didn’t start out with her ministry she started out with a dream of being a lawyer. She once had a website where she’d report about legal matters of the world or celebrities. And even then I was tuned in…


Just recently something very amazing happened for Kyona. A true blessing from God. And she took it to YouTube to share with us all. I had the pleasure of viewing this last night and you’ll have the pleasure of viewing it now:


810 TRAP 2 Trailer…

This movie gives a look at the Most Dangerous City in North America .. FLINT, Michigan area code (810). This is part 2 of a 3 part series. In the first installment we showed you the mentality of the people who help make Flint,Mi this crime infested region. Now in Part 2 we show the first step into changing this cycle of crime and violence!!!

Movie: 810 TRAP 2
Directed by: Algemon Winfrey & Carlos Conner
Fall release date to be determined

Check out this video on YouTube:

Sex sells… But it doesn’t have one project go platinum multiple times…

As of this Thursday I began to see this photo of a Nicki Minaj. Its her album cover apparently.. And directly after I began to see spoofs put out mimicking the photo…


And then I seen one that stuck out like a sore thumb compared to the others


I don’t know how anyone could see these two artist as comparable on any level… Let see here:

Lauryn Hill made music for black queens. She spoke to people’s souls. Lauryn was undeniably talented . The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill went platinum more times then you can count on one hand.. One album went platinum multiple times..

Nicki Minaj is a woman with a little lyrical content, with sex appeal and a body that will sell an atheist some religion.. Not one project of hers is considered timeless but it’s well with in its time. It’s does enough to keep her on and some of it is worth a listen on a regular day but most of it is used for the club scene..

With all that being said


There’s not ever a reason to put those two in the same category, Nicki Minaj ain’t tryna educate nobody. And if she is not in the same light as Lauryn Hill. She is trying to sell an album Period. Though she could do it dressed more conservatively, she took the provocative route. Sex does sell. And men across the world will purchase the hard copy to do impure things with the cover.. It’s all a marketing scheme.. Unfortunately artist now aren’t into the long term or longevity of timeless talent filled projects. They tryna get a first week sell record at all cost even if it means compromising the morals that they may or may not have and calling it art.. At the end of the day I say let the woman be great in her very own way… And keep the legendary work of Lauryn Hills music and talent out of it. It’s nothing to be Deep about here people… All surface work shawty

One sided messages… Fornication

Here is my disclaimer:

I am in no way form or fashion blaming the churches for the world as a whole… I am asking that they take some of the blame for the portion of the world that they touch in this matter of Fornicating

For those of you who aren’t sure what Fornication means here is the definition : sexual intercourse between people not married to each other.

I recently sat in a Sunday School classroom where the topic was based around fornication. The subject came from 1 Corinthians 6:9-18. I watched each young person read a verse and then it was time for the teacher to take over… We danced around the subject, and finally it’s was touched on very briefly and very surface..

However this isn’t a brief or surface subject matter. Sex shouldn’t be a taboo thing when it comes to how you’re taught about it in church.. Understand the church is a building of people who have a common belief, that shouldn’t stop the conversation of sex from happening on both sides of the fence.

For the Virgins who haven’t participated in sexual intercourse you feed them by encouraging them to wait, giving them the tools they need to stay strong and such during the abstinent journey..

For the ones who are fornicating they deserve a totally different message, one that doesn’t condemn them straight to hell. But one that teaches them two things… How to stop and practice celibacy and one that teaches them how to stop the risk of premarital pregnancy and Sexually transmitted diseases.. This message is barely taught and very much so ignored. This could because no one has practiced celibacy from the pulpit. No Shade we are all human. We’ve all done and still do things that aren’t so great. If that is the case seek out some one in the congregation or from somewhere else that has practiced celibacy to teach that message. Teach them about contraceptives ( Condoms ,birth control) so that once they do make a decision on their own they make one that’s educated… (If you say that it’s the schools or parents job you are failing the next generation already)

The truth of the matter is you cannot control the world or people in it, but you can definitely educate them on right and wrong and how to protect themselves.. Sex is one of those topics that needs to have that type of teaching. It can’t be one sided or biased. That one sided conversation has only gotten a decline of young people in church and an increase on premarital pregnancy and STD rates… Remember when having conversations with them think about how you were once a teenager and how you would have liked to been approached about said subject. It’s all in the approach…

My purpose in this post isn’t to bash churches but to give them a small push in speaking on all sides of the spectrum when they speak about sex…

Zoe on top…

Scrolling through my Instagram today I’ve repeatedly seen this same video snippet that I love so much. From this amazing actress

Zoe Salanda

I decided to go to YouTube to find more of the video to get at least most of the conversation…

Here it is:

Tell me you don’t love her after watching this video… So real so raw. Something a lot of people especially women need to come to grips with

Seven eighty six presents Couture and Cocktails….

Ladies and gentlemen mark your calendars for July 31st this is an event you don’t want to miss out on…


We are pleased to announce that Seven Eighty Six Fashion is taking a giant leap forward and hosting our first solo fashion showcase at Buckham Gallery on July 31,2014 entitled “Couture and Cocktails.”

After participating in a multiple shows in the flint area that showcased a large number of local talent at one time , Designer Brittany Barbee has decided to step out and host an event where she is the only designer featured. After relocating back to Michigan from Arizona , Barbee feels that this fashion showcase would be the perfect opportunity to create brand awareness and growth for Seven Eighty Six Fashions, while reconnecting with members of the community. Couture and Cocktails will be unlike any other fashion show produced in the flint area. Abandoning the traditional style of runway show, attendees are invited to come and get an up close and personal look at the collection in an art gallery environment .

Our mission is to create a meet and great environment for attendees to speak with the designer about the collection while having the chance to view the intricate details within the collection and networking with other individuals in the Flint fashion scene and other local young professionals.

Light Hors D’oeuvres will be served along with complementary cocktails for guest 21 and over . there will also be a limited cash bar available as well. Attendees are asked to come dressed in cocktail attire and advanced tickets are $12 . Tickets may also be purchased at the door for $15. Anyone interested in getting involved as a sponsor, member of the press, or volunteer should contact

Are you excited yet? Something with a different flavor brought to our very own city! Don’t hesitate to get your tickets!