Ashlie Wynn’s Fire Disaster

Sometimes in life we come across people who are just good people. And we may not end up best friends or joined at the hip but we always have love for them and respect them… That’s how I feel about Ashlie Wynn, and this past Friday (12/12/14) after coming out to Flints Luxe Lounge and letting her hair down after her long work week she returned to a burning apartment…


She experienced a major loss this weekend and with the help of her family and close friends they’ve helped get her through the weekend and surely they will continue to help, but let’s ALL help her in her tragic time of need by donating to the GoFundMe account…

Here’s the link:

Thank you for reading and donating!

Submission : It ain’t for everybody…

Most women cringe at the word submission or submissive.. And that is fine.. But I don’t, it’s actually apart of who it is I want to be for my Ultimate Bae (Future Husband)..

Submitting to your husband is simply saying with your actions that you trust his decision is best for you and him as a unit.. Being able to submit is based on trust.. If you can NOT trust your man you will never submit to him.. What a lot of women don’t understand is that you don’t have to always have it together, you don’t need to know all the answers or figure it out on your own, in marriage especially.. That’s where your teammate comes into play.. You sometimes have to allow him to try things his way first and if it doesn’t work you make your play and see if your team wins.. Men serve the role as the leader and as his lady it’s ok to stand by him in his decision making.. What men have to understand is this, though a woman wants to be a submissive wife doesn’t mean your worthy of her.. A submissive woman brings far more peace and blessings to the table thn you can imagine and if you as man aren’t indeed a man she will pick up on that and move along..

Two years ago I found myself going through a transitional stage in life where I was trying to find myself.. And I found myself infatuated with Love.. I wanted to understand it better and I wanted to exude that nothing but love… With that I became really devoted to who it was I wanted to ultimately be in life.. That is a submissive wife and a good mother .. At that time I’d studied what submissive meant, I studied what love really was, I studied what a good woman was.. The bible played a huge part in my studies but so did people watching… I studied Proverbs 31 about the virtuous woman.. And Titus 2:1-15 on how we teach our children the right way.. 1 Peter 3:1-7 which tells women to submit to their husbands and also tells men to be worthy! .. I seen how unresponsive women are to men who aren’t good leaders and how great women are to men who are indeed worth every submissive bone in her body.. And after very careful self examination I figured out that’s what I wanted to be and I set forth effort to be that and not to accept a man who wasn’t worth my practice..Truthfully so you’re suppose to submit to your husband, however practicing is not a bad idea when you have a man worthy. I think that practice every here and there makes perfect for the real thing.. And it helps you grow as a person as well..

In finding myself I made myself aware of the principles of marriage and what it actually means to hit the status of wife.. And all things for me point to submission.. In being submissive there’s great strength, as women we are mouthy and we want to get our point across for the most part. So in making a decision to be submissive it means to break down all those barriers such as being unnecessarily mouthy to be better listeners and also better understanders of what it is our man try’s to tell us he needs from us.. It’s a simple life lesson listen better understand better..

Every woman won’t want to be submissive just as every man won’t be worthy of your practice.. But those who are I applaud your efforts and your strength…

We got a real situation here

… LastNight at around 9pm we learned that the police officer who gunned down Mike Brown was not going to be charged… Well we didn’t learn it, it was just validated.. We thought he wasn’t going to be charged at 3pm when they order more police and such in Ferguson…

My whole social media was saturated with hatred and angry people, ready to riot, ready to protest, ready to cancel BlackFriday and ruin some kids Christmas, and ready to swing on Obama… I mean really it got real..

What we as black people aren’t paying attention to is the fact that we have a real situation here… This killa nigga and hide ya hands thing they’ve got going on is a pattern.. They are eliminating us and all we want to do is prove them right and give them a reason to justify it… They are prepared for your riot.. They don’t care about you NOT shopping on BlackFriday… They KNOW they’ve tied Obamas hands in these kinds of situations..

Now let’s get real and do our parts, do something they don’t expect us to do.. THRIVE IN OUR PURPOSES… Push our dreams and such to the highest level possible and come together as people to create a real change. If we are going to do anything on Black Friday, MAKE IT BLACK FRIDAY! Make it your business to find the black owned stores and shop there more thn anywhere else… If we are gonna riot, take your asses to a book store or library and read up on what you need to do next in order to get to where your goals are tryna take you… You wanna be mad at Obama, be mad at yourselves because majority of us haven’t supported shit good he’s done since he got in office! And now after years of not standing behind him we think he has power? He lost it when his race didn’t stand behind him like they should’ve these last few years..

I love our black men and women but I won’t be an enabler in making them think violence is ok or placing the blame anywhere but on ourselves as a whole. It’s time to come together and REALLY make an effort to change..

Violence won’t do anything but create or keep up this vicious cycle until we are like dinosaurs distinct… This battle is NOT physical y’all, it’s mental… You can continue playing checkers if you’d like but these MF are playing chess… THINK!

Flint God…

Owww some more music to add to my playlist … This time from a flint rap artist Finesse .. This track is called Flint God

One of my friends texted me and said

That Finesse dude got something with the Flint God track

And I think they may be right..

Check it out here:

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Let’s Talk about Cliff Huxtable

… As of lately we have all heard the allegations brought up against the man formerly known as Cliff Huxtable… Mr. Bill Cosby

He has been accused of raping a few different women decades ago, and now they are coming forth.


A few have formed the question, Why now?
Well ladies and gentlemen rape victims are made to feel like it was their fault or usually in some cases bribed along with it. Soon as one victim speaks up they will feel as though they have support and confess as well.. It’s what we’d call a snow ball effect..


A few don’t believe the women…
Well I don’t think anyone wants to be raped and talk about publicly just for the hell of it… Now to actually be raped have support or someone with the same story and bond together to reveal the person who has wronged you, I believe that..

Personally, I didn’t want to believe it either I mean it is Cliff Huxtable.. But it doesn’t matter if I don’t believe or do. If he did in fact rape those women, Shame on him. The right thing to do is for those women if they haven’t already they need to seek help. And Bill Cosby needs to do the same.

As a reminder to the pissed off Christian community the bible says that He who is without sin cast the first stone… So chill the fuck out, I’m sure you too have done something despicable in your life time and of you haven’t keep on living..

Bill Cosby is old and I don’t think anything besides help, psychological help is appropriate.. At the rate that these confessions are going and the pulling of the Cosby Show on each station, this might kill him before help can even be sought..

That’s all I have for now ✌️

Who is Billey Madison?…

Once upon a time I lived in Lansing, MI …. Home of Spartans 💚

I met a lot of really cool people. And the artist known as Billey Madison just so happen to be one of those people. He was cool with an ex of mine. And naturally I heard his music and was subjected to the Sex, Money, Education (SME) movement. Back then he had this dope song “wassuuuup” even then I thought he had a chance to be something..

Fast forward to today… Billey Madison dropped a mixtape a while back “Billey Madison LP” on datpiff.. I got a hold of it today and automatically fell in love! .. The samples? Fire.. The word play? FIRE… The whole Mixtape? FIYAH 🔥… Easily on my “Waiting Room to heaven” playlist with the David Aaron track I posted about..

Listen to the Billey Madison LP Mixtape here:

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Too easy!


Juice parody HILARITY

Man instagram is one of my favorite places… And I found the link to this parody on someone’s Instagram!

Now if you’ve seen the movie Juice staring Tupac and you have instagram, this will make you laugh…

Check it out:

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