Flint God…

Owww some more music to add to my playlist … This time from a flint rap artist Finesse .. This track is called Flint God

One of my friends texted me and said

That Finesse dude got something with the Flint God track

And I think they may be right..

Check it out here:

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Let’s Talk about Cliff Huxtable

… As of lately we have all heard the allegations brought up against the man formerly known as Cliff Huxtable… Mr. Bill Cosby

He has been accused of raping a few different women decades ago, and now they are coming forth.


A few have formed the question, Why now?
Well ladies and gentlemen rape victims are made to feel like it was their fault or usually in some cases bribed along with it. Soon as one victim speaks up they will feel as though they have support and confess as well.. It’s what we’d call a snow ball effect..


A few don’t believe the women…
Well I don’t think anyone wants to be raped and talk about publicly just for the hell of it… Now to actually be raped have support or someone with the same story and bond together to reveal the person who has wronged you, I believe that..

Personally, I didn’t want to believe it either I mean it is Cliff Huxtable.. But it doesn’t matter if I don’t believe or do. If he did in fact rape those women, Shame on him. The right thing to do is for those women if they haven’t already they need to seek help. And Bill Cosby needs to do the same.

As a reminder to the pissed off Christian community the bible says that He who is without sin cast the first stone… So chill the fuck out, I’m sure you too have done something despicable in your life time and of you haven’t keep on living..

Bill Cosby is old and I don’t think anything besides help, psychological help is appropriate.. At the rate that these confessions are going and the pulling of the Cosby Show on each station, this might kill him before help can even be sought..

That’s all I have for now ✌️

Who is Billey Madison?…

Once upon a time I lived in Lansing, MI …. Home of Spartans 💚

I met a lot of really cool people. And the artist known as Billey Madison just so happen to be one of those people. He was cool with an ex of mine. And naturally I heard his music and was subjected to the Sex, Money, Education (SME) movement. Back then he had this dope song “wassuuuup” even then I thought he had a chance to be something..

Fast forward to today… Billey Madison dropped a mixtape a while back “Billey Madison LP” on datpiff.. I got a hold of it today and automatically fell in love! .. The samples? Fire.. The word play? FIRE… The whole Mixtape? FIYAH 🔥… Easily on my “Waiting Room to heaven” playlist with the David Aaron track I posted about..

Listen to the Billey Madison LP Mixtape here:

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Too easy!


Juice parody HILARITY

Man instagram is one of my favorite places… And I found the link to this parody on someone’s Instagram!

Now if you’ve seen the movie Juice staring Tupac and you have instagram, this will make you laugh…

Check it out:

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Open letter…

Dear Wendy Williams,

How you doin? *Your voice*

I’m writing you this on behalf of the fans of Aaliyah, now while I’m sure you’re expecting a thank you… I can assure you that this is far from that..

I want to start by asking, How dare you? How dare you make a movie about a woman whose music and spirit we all loved so much without the support of the people who loved her most, her family. How dare you say that “We don’t need the family”? When indeed you did.. Those are people who loved and treasured her legacy and memory.. Those are the people who hold the legal rights to her music and such… The people who could’ve made the movie you forcibly made a million times better.. The people who will honor her correctly…

I ask how dare you make those actresses and actors feel as though they were apart of a great project, when now they probably have an (*) by their names in Actors World because of the distasteful movie you made?.. You have no idea the VERY possible bad juju you’ve put on them.. And the poor gal who played Aaliyah probably won’t even get a second look in the music industry if that’s where she’s tryna get to..

But then Wendy I think of who you’ve shown yourself to be in the industry… And that’s a messy woman.. A famous gossiper… Never have we heard the words class or taste uttered in the same sentence as your name. So why would we expect any different now huh?… It’s a tragic shame that you used or tried to use such a beautiful woman’s legacy to get your big break when in turn it got you nowhere…

I as well as others are disgusted with your terrible movie and I’m almost certain Aaliyah’s family and closer friends are too.. I pose the question to you, do you want to just make money or are you trying to be successful?…

Have a good day Wendy, I pray people have mercy on you Twitter mentions…

Thanks for your time…
-Jordyn Anese💜


The waiting room music to Music Heaven.. David Aaron

Last night I was granted the special opportunity to get an exclusive listen to a Local Artists music… And when I say I was amazed at how dope it is.. I was like

Thank you Music Gawds!

Formerly known as “Justin Daye”, Flint native has decided to release music under his actual name David Aaron. This song “No Good” is just something David wanted to release to share with the people who’s been anticipating his new material. Over the summer, he’s been taking his time to expand his musical abilities sonically and conceptually. David is still working on his solo LP.

Give him a listen!

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Twitter: @_davidaaron_
IG: @davidaarontaylor

D’Elle Dream Cheerleaders

D’Elle Dream Academy School of Performing Arts is dedicated to our community’s youth. Using rigorous and strategic methods we are determined to watch our students grow and mature into well rounded young adults. This semester’s registration is for fall and winter. Competitions are in spring, each girl will be able to participate. We will do fundraisers for competition fee’s and travel. This year’s competition is going to be held in Florida on March 1, 2015. Each cheerleader will receive
• cheer practice shirt
• full 2 piece uniform
• 2 pom poms
• 1 undergarment brief /pair of socks
• cheer bag
Each student must have white cheer shoes and wear clothing suitable for indoor practice. During the season your child will learn tumbling, jumps, dance, team work, stunts, cheers, and much more! D’Elle Dream Academy is focused on building and enhancing your child’s character while awarding academic achievement progress. Our program offers discipline, structure, creativity, and positive personality. Limited spots available!
• Practice starts Monday November 3rd​
• An 8X10 photo must be on file for each child (copies are accepted)
• All practices are closed to parents and family members
• Each child must show school progress report every month for students in Kindergarten and higher
Practice will be held at Rankin Elementary School (Carmen/Grand Blanc District). Please make sure your child is ready and on time! Cheer shoes are NOT to be worn outside. Practice shirts will be available 2 weeks after child’s first class. Uniforms, poms, and bags will be ordered in January. Please bring child’s medical card.
We encourage faith, prayer, and belief. Dream to believe and strive!


46 classes, 8 classes a month
Ages: 4-7 Monday’s and Wednesday’s 5pm-6pm
Ages:8-11 Monday’s and Wednesday’s 6pm- 7pm

Annual Registration Fee $35
Ages: 4-7 $495 or $22/week
Ages:8-11 $540 or $24/week



“D’Elle Dream Cheerleaders”
​​ D’Elle Dream Academy School of Performing Arts
​​​​​​ Rankin Elementary School
​​​​​G-3459 Mundy Ave Swartz Creek, MI 48473​​​​​​​​​(810)250-3779
​​​​​ Head Coordinator: Dayna Leah